PixelPunks x Rising Capital to Launch MixMob in India

PixelPunks excited to share the news of their partnership with Rising Capital to launch MixMob, a groundbreaking web3-based racing game in India. They believe this would be a fantastic game for the gamers in India.

PixelPunks x Rising Capital: Rising Capital, a leading digital asset management firm headquartered in Singapore, and PixelPunks, a renowned Play Economy consultancy, have formed a strategic partnership to introduce MixMob to the Indian market. MixMob is a ground-breaking gaming experience that combines the exhilaration of Mario Kart racing with the strategic card battles of Clash Royale. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the web3 gaming ecosystem in India and provide gamers with an immersive and engaging gameplay experience.

PixelPunks x Rising Capital to Launch MixMob, a web3-based racing game in India
Image via Mixmob

PixelPunks x Rising Capital to Launch MixMob, a web3-based racing game in India

PixelPunks x Rising Capital to Launch MixMob

MixMob, built on the Solana blockchain and created on Unity, introduces a unique fusion of music, fashion, art, and movies into a single-game world, showcasing the essence of remix culture. The game requires players to race through various tracks while engaging in card-based attacks and defenses against opponents. MixMob is designed to challenge players’ strategic thinking and quick reflexes, making it suitable for gamers of all skill levels.

“Our partnership with PixelPunks to launch MixMob in India is a significant step towards creating a thriving gaming community in the country,” said Sankalp Shangari, Founder and Managing Director of Rising Capital.

“MixMob’s innovative gameplay and integration of blockchain technology make it a game-changer in the web3 gaming space. We are excited to collaborate with PixelPunks to provide Indian gamers with a truly unique gaming experience and establish MixMob as a household name.” Anshuman Dash, Co-Founder and CEO of PixelPunks, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating,

“Bringing MixMob to the Indian market is an exciting endeavor for us. We believe that MixMob’s fusion of racing and strategy, combined with its incorporation of music, fashion, art, and movies, will resonate deeply with Indian gamers. Through our partnership with Rising Capital, we aim to create an immersive gaming ecosystem and offer Indian players a platform to showcase their skills and engage in thrilling tournaments.”

Abhishek Tiwari, Co-founder and Managing Director of PixelPunks, added, “MixMob represents the future of gaming, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Rising Capital to introduce it to the Indian gaming community. We are confident that MixMob’s innovative concept and web3 integration will captivate Indian gamers and elevate their gaming experiences. Our joint efforts will focus on fostering a strong community around MixMob, organizing engaging events, and promoting the adoption of web3 gaming in India.”

Through this partnership, Rising Capital and PixelPunks are committed to providing Indian gamers with a comprehensive gaming ecosystem, featuring exciting tournaments, quests, and events. The launch of MixMob in India is set to redefine the gaming landscape and capture the hearts of gamers nationwide.

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