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PMGC 2022 League Group Green: Winning team, prize pool distribution, and more


Having completed 24 matches in the PMGC Group Green, Mongolian squad GodLike Stalwart emerged as the table toppers with 260 points and was awarded $100K (including $10K attendance fee) in prize money. In total, the team accumulated 109 eliminations and three Chicken Dinners in the group stage. Top, one of their players, won the MVP award with 40 eliminations and 13,490 damage.

Surprisingly, Nova Esports jumped to second spot after an extraordinary comeback on the final day. With the help of four Chicken Dinners and 133 kills, they collected a total of 256 points. The 2021 MVP Order was Nova’s top fragger with 50 eliminations and a KD average of 2.08 kills per game. The Chinese squad took home the runner-up prize pool of $95K.

Turkey’s Fire Flux won the crucial last game, which helped them enter the top three. Managing to beat the scores of Bacon Time, Vampire Esports and HVVP, they won the race for third place in the final match.

The top three squads have secured direct slots into the 2022 PMGC Grand Finals, which will take place in Indonesia from January 6 to 8, 2023.

Prize pool distribution of PMGC League Group Green

The event’s total prize pool of $463K was awarded to the top 16 teams, with the team on top taking home $100K. This includes attendance free of $10K for each competing team.

  1. GodLike Stalwart – $100K – Finals
  2. Nova Esports – $95K – Finals
  3. Fire Flux – $90K – Finals
  4. Bacon Time – $32K – Survival Stage
  5. Vampire Esports – $31K – Survival Stage
  6. HVVP – $30K – Survival Stage
  7. Alpha 7 – $29K – Survival Stage
  8. Damwon Gaming – $28K – Survival Stage
  9. Skylightz Gaming – $27K – Survival Stage
  10. Powr Esports – $26K – Survival Stage
  11. Inco Gaming – $25K – Survival Stage
  12. One Million – $24K – Eliminated
  13. Evos Reborn – $23K – Eliminated
  14. Donuts USG – $22K – Eliminated
  15. Yoodo Alliance – $21K – Eliminated
  16. Knights – $20K – Eliminated

Unfortunately, the bottom five teams from 12th to 16th place were eliminated from the prestigious PMGC event. These teams will likely look to work on the mistakes that they have made at the event and begin planning for future tournaments.

Indonesia’s Evos Reborn was in second position after the first day, but a steady decline in their performance saw them slip down to 13th place. Japan’s Donuts and North America’s Knights failed to gain any momentum, coming in at 14th and 16th place, respectively.

Teams from 4th to 11th place will have to compete in the Survival Stage, where they will meet the other 16 squads from Groups Red and Yellow. Any Survival Stage team that aspires to reach the PMGC Grand Finals will need to perform well in the next two phases of the League.

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