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PMGC 2022 League Group Red: Teams, schedule, prize pool, map rotation, and more


The first phase, i.e., Group Stage of the League Stage of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 will run over two weeks from November 10 to 27, featuring 48 teams in total. These teams have been distributed into three groups (Red, Green, and Yellow) of 16 teams each.

Global Championship 2022 Format (image via PUBG Mobile)
Global Championship 2022 Format (image via PUBG Mobile)

Every group will compete separately in 24 matches across four days, with the top three out of 16 teams from the overall rankings moving to the PMGC Grand Finals. The next eight teams (4th to 11th place from each group) will go to the Survival Stage, while the 12th to 16th ranked teams from each group standings will be eliminated from the PMGC.

Group Red, Green, and Yellow teams. (image via PUBG Mobile)
Group Red, Green, and Yellow teams. (image via PUBG Mobile)

PMGC League: Group Red teams and schedule

A total of 16 teams have been allocated to the first group, named Red, whose matches will be held from November 10 to 13.

Group Red teams

1) Buriram United Esports (Thailand)

2) The Infinity (Thailand)

3) Bigetron RA (Indonesia)

4) 4 Rivals (Malaysia)

5) Box Gaming (Vietnam)

6) Influence Chemin Esports (Brazil)

7) Team Queso (Argentina)

8) R8 Esports (Saudi Arabia)

9) Nigma Galaxy (UAE)

10) Titan Gaming (Kazakhstan)

11) DRS Gaming (Nepal)

12) i8 Esports (Pakistan)

13) S2G Esports (Turkey)

14) Mad Bulls (Serbia)

15) emTek StormX (South Korea)

16) LGD Gaming (China)


During the four-day group Red contest, each team will play 24 matches spread across three maps (Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok). 50% of the total 24 matches will be played on Erangel, an 8KM x 8KM classic map), while eight matches will be featured on Miramar and the remaining four will be on the Sanhok map.

Map Rotation (each day)

  • Match 1: Erangel
  • Match 2: Miramar
  • Match 3: Sanhok
  • Match 4: Erangel
  • Match 5: Miramar
  • Match 6: Erangel

Group Red Prize Pool distribution

The three groups each have an equal prize pool of $463K, from which the first, second, and third-placed teams will receive $90K, $85K, and $80K respectively and all three will also take their places in the PMGC Grand Finals.

Here’s the prize pool distribution:

  1. $90K – Finals
  2. $85K – Finals
  3. $80K – Finals
  4. $22K – Survival Stage
  5. $21K – Survival Stage
  6. $20K – Survival Stage
  7. $19K – Survival Stage
  8. $18K – Survival Stage
  9. $17K – Survival Stage
  10. $16K – Survival Stage
  11. $15K – Survival Stage
  12. $14K – Eliminated
  13. $13K – Eliminated
  14. $12K – Eliminated
  15. $11K – Eliminated
  16. $10K – Eliminated

Popular Chinese team LGD Gaming, Indonesian giant Bigetron RA, Saudi Arabian powerhouse Nigma Galaxy, and Thai team Infinity are among the 16 teams placed in Group Red and will be favorites to watch out for. Apart from these, the two-time Americas Champion, Influence Chemin, and Turkey’s S2G will also be some of the top contenders to claim pole position in the group stage.

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