PMGC 2022 League Group Yellow: Winning team, prize pool distribution, overall standings, and more

Geek Fam claimed first place in PMGC Group Yellow (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Malaysia’s Geek Fam claimed first place in the PMGC League Group Yellow and received a cash prize of $100K. The team displayed aggressive gameplay in several games and maintained their momentum on every map. With a total of 148 eliminations and three Chicken Dinners, they scored 292 points in 24 matches. Geek Fam’s Mica was named the MVP with 48 eliminations and 9450 damage.

Four Angry Men aka 4AM also made it to the Grand Finals by securing second place with 231 points in the Group Stage. The Chinese squad claimed three Chicken Dinners and 114 eliminations, showcasing brilliant execution in the first stage and receiving $95K in prize money.

One of the best performances at the tournament was by T2K Esports, hailing from Nepal. Throughout the four days, they played exceptionally well, impressing fans and the other teams. Thanks to their gameplay, the Nepali squad claimed a slot in the $1.5 million Grand Finals event.

PMGC Group Yellow prize pool distribution and allocation

Tencent has allocated a total of $463K (each group) in the prize pool for this stage, with the top ranked team winning $100K.

  1. Geek Fam – $100K – Finals
  2. Four Angry Men – $95K – Finals
  3. T2K Esports – $90K – Finals
  4. Reject – $32K – Survival Stage
  5. Geekay Esports – $31K – Survival Stage
  6. TEM Entertainment – $30K – Survival Stage
  7. IHC Esports – $29K – Survival Stage
  8. Faze Clan – $28K – Survival Stage
  9. Vivo Keyd – $27K – Survival Stage
  10. Game Lord – $26K – Survival Stage
  11. Besiktas Esports – $25K – Survival Stage
  12. Genesis Dogma – $24K – Eliminated
  13. D’Xavier – $23 – Eliminated
  14. Team Falcons – $22K – Eliminated
  15. NS RedForce – $21K – Eliminated
  16. Furious Gaming – $20K – Eliminated

T2K and Reject had the same total points (214 points), so the third-ranked team was decided based on their placement points. Unfortunately, Reject had fewer placement points than T2K and missed out on a seat in the PMGC Grand Finals.

Geek Esports also had a great start to the event as Team Arabia took second spot after Day 1. Unfortunately, they failed to maintain that momentum for the next three days, slipping down to fifth place. Although TEM had a poor start to their PMGC campaign, they made a remarkable comeback and secured a seat in the Survival Stage.

IHC and Faze were contenders for the top three spots, but did not play up to the mark unfortunately. The three popular teams of Genesis Dogma, D’Xavier, and Falcons had a forgettable tournament as they did not perform as well as their fans expected.

The eight teams from fourth to eleventh placeswill fight in the Survival Stage that begins on November 30, where they will meet 16 teams from the other two groups of the PMGC League.

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