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PMGC 2022 League Stage and Grand Finals: Format, Schedule, Venues, new dates, and more revealed


PUBG Mobile’s mega event, called the PMGC, is ready to create a thriller global contest among the top teams from around the world that fans wait for at the end of every year. Several teams will be seen competing in an official event for the trophy and an enormous prize pool of $4 million.

Commencing the League Stage on November 10, the tournament will have a completely different format in comparison to the previous two seasons. Earlier, the publisher announced that it would start on November 22 but the company has decided to begin the competition 12 days before the last announced date.

PMGC 2022 to feature three phases

League Stage

Taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the League Stage will have 48 teams worldwide fighting each other for 13 Grand Final seats. it will feature three phases: Group Stage, Survival, and Last Chance.

In the Group Stage, which runs from November 10 to 27, these 48 teams will be divided into three groups of 16 teams: A, B, and C. Each Group will fight separately across four days, in which the top three out of 16 teams will directly advance to the PMGC Grand Finals, meaning a total of nine teams (three from each group) will secure their tickets for the Finals.

The 4th to 11th placed teams from each group standings will move to the second phase, i.e., the Survival Stage, where these 24 teams will once again be split into three groups of eight teams and will compete across three days from November 30 to December 2. The top 16 teams will qualify for the third stage, i.e., the Last Chance, while the 17th to 24th ranked teams will be eliminated from the PMGC.

In the Last Chance phase (December 3 and 4), the top four teams will cement their place in the PMGC Grand Final, while the campaign for the rest of the teams will end here.

Grand Finals

The event finals will occur from January 6 to 8, 2023, in Jakarta, Indonesia, where 16 teams will compete for the world championship crown. Three out of 16 teams will receive a direct invitation to the Finals, while nine teams from the league’s group stage and four teams from the Last Chance will be there.

SMG and Alter Ego are two of the three invited teams, while the name of the third invited squad will be unveiled later this year.

47 out of the 48 league stage teams have occupied their place in the first stage. The remaining team will be chosen from the PMGC PEL Qualifier, which is currently ongoing and will end on October 30.

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