PMGC 2022 League Survival Stage: Teams, groups, format, schedule, and more

PMGC Survival Stage starts on November 30 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

With the conclusion of the Group Stage of the PMGC 2022 League, a total of 24 teams have qualified for the Survival stage and nine teams have advanced to the Grand Finals. The remaining 15 teams were eliminated from the Global championship.

Global Championship 2022 format (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Global Championship 2022 format (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Eight teams (4th to 11th place) from each group will compete in the second phase, the Survival Stage, which will take place from November 30 to December 2. The top 16 out of 24 teams from the overall standings will move to The Last Chance, while the rest will be knocked out of the tournament.

PMGC League Survival stage format and schedule

On the first day, the eight qualified teams from the Group Red will fight against the Group Green teams across six matches. The second day will see teams from Group Green and Yellow battle it out, while the third and final day of the phase will feature the Group Red and Yellow teams.

Day 1 – Group Red vs Green – November 30

Day 2 – Group Green vs Yellow – December 1

Day 3 – Group Red vs Yellow – December 2


Survival stage participants (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Survival stage participants (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Group Red

  1. LGD Gaming
  2. I8 Esports
  3. DRS Gaming
  4. Bigetron RA
  5. Four Rivals
  6. Titan
  7. Nigma Galaxy
  8. Box Gaming

Group Green

  1. Bacon Time
  2. Vampire Esports
  3. HVVP
  4. Alpha 7
  5. Damwon Gaming
  6. Skylightz Gaming
  7. Powr
  8. Inco Gaming

Group Yellow

  1. Reject
  2. Geekay
  3. TEM Entertainment
  4. IHC Esports
  5. Faze Clan
  6. Vivo Keyd
  7. Game-Lord
  8. Besiktas

PMGC Group Stage summary

In the first phase, 16 teams from Group Red competed from November 10 to 13. Buriram United from Thailand secured the top spot. Influence Chemin came in second, and S2G secured the third position after showcasing impressive exploits over four days.

LGD Gaming, i8, and Bigetron RA failed to grab a slot in the top three, but they’ll be trying their best in the Survival Stage to qualify for the Last Chance.

In the PMGC second group that ran from November 17 to 20, GodLike Stalwart, Nova Esports, and Fire Flux were the top three teams who qualified for the Grand Finals. Bacon Time and Vampire Esports also had amazing gameplay, earning the fourth and fifth spots, respectively. HVVP had an impressive start, but their poor performance on the final day resulted in a drop in their overall ranking.

In the PMGC Group Green, Geek Fam, Four Angry Men, and T2K managed to secure the top three slots and reach the finals. Reject, who had the same total points as T2K, failed to qualify because they grabbed fewer position points than the Nepali squad.

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