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PMGC League Group Green Day 3: Overall standings, highlights, and more


HVVP’s consistent performances continued on Day 3 of the PMGC Group Green, maintaining their pole position and becoming the first team to cross the 200 points mark in 18 games. Fire Flux (191 points) made a surprise entry into the the top three by winning two back-to-back Chicken Dinners.

Mongolian squad GodLike Stalwart also had an outstanding showing today, jumping up to third spot with 189 points. Vampire, Bacon Time, and Damwon Gaming were in fourth, fifth, and sixth spots with 180, 178, and 156 points, respectively. With two Chicken Dinners and 154 points each, Alpha 7 and Nova Esports finished in seventh and eighth after 18 matches.

PMGC Group Green Day 3 summary

Top 8 teams rankings after 18 matches of PMGC Group Green (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top 8 teams rankings after 18 matches of PMGC Group Green (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 13 – Erangel

Saudi Arabia’s POWR Esports took a nine-kill victory in the first match of the third day after wiping out Bacon Time (12) and GodLike Stalwart (16) in the last circle. With this win, the team moved up to fourth place with 122 points in the overall standings.

HVVP and Nova Esports scored eight and seven points, while Damwon and Alpha 7 grabbed three points each. Evos Esports’ poor performances continued in the match as well.

Match 14 – Miramar

Alpha7 Esports had a 17-kill Chicken Dinner in the Miramar game, pulling off a great comeback to regain their momentum. GodLike Stalwart also had a great match, securing second position with four finishes. HVVP was in third place with only one kill, while Vampire Esports scored 13 points which included five eliminations.

Match 15 – Sanhok

Thailand’s Vampire managed to win the fourth match with 13 frags, showcasing back-to-back outstanding performances. Nova Esports and Alpha 7 accumulated 19 and 16 points, while despite being eliminated earlier, Stalwart took 10 elimination points to their name. It was a poor game for Powr Esports and Bacon Time.

Knights’ failure continued on PMGC Green Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Knights’ failure continued on PMGC Green Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 16 – Erangel

Top and Pika’s superb performances led GodLike Stalwart to claim a 14-kill victory in the fourth match of Day 3. Fire Flux from Turkey garnered 25 points, including 13 kills, while after several bad games, Evos Reborn earned 15 points.

Match 17 – Miramar

Fire Flux put up a dominating showcasing and won the Miramar game with 14 eliminations in emphatic fashion. HVVP, Vampire, and Bacon Time finished second, third, and fourth with twelve, four, and three kills, respectively.

Match 18 – Erangel

With passive gameplay, Fire Flux secured their second Chicken Dinner with four eliminations. Nova Esports displayed a great exploits after two poor games and occupied second place with nine frags. There will only be six matches remaining in the PMGC Group Green.

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