PMGC League Group Yellow Day 2: Teams, map schedule, Day 1 summary, and more


Malaysia’s Geek Fam is leading the overall standings of the PMGC Group Yellow after six matches. With an average of 15.33, the side has scored 92 points on Day 1 and will be hoping to +remain consistent in the remaining 18 games.

The second day will feature another six thriller matches, three of which will be held on Erangel’s map. The first match of the day will begin at 4:15 pm IST, followed by Miramar and Sanhok.

PMGC Group Yellow Day 2 map rotation

Each match will be broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok of PUBG Mobile Esports’ channel from 4.15 pm IST onwards.

  1. Match 1 – Erangel
  2. Match 2 – Miramar
  3. Match 3 – Sanhok
  4. Match 4 – Erangel
  5. Match 5 – Miramar
  6. Match 6 – Erangel


These 16 teams will enter the battleground once again today and try their best to get a respectable position in the overall standings:

1) TEM Entertainment (Thailand)

2) FaZe Clan (Thailand)

3) Genesis Dogma GIDS (Indonesia)

4) Geek Fam (Malaysia)

5) D’Xavier (Vietnam)

6) Vivo Keyd (Brazil)

7) Furious Gaming (Chile)

8) Team Falcons (Saudi Arabia)

9) Geekay Esports (Iraq)

10) IHC Esports (Mongolia)

11) Trained to Kill (Nepal)

12) Beşiktaş Esports (Turkey)

13) Game Lord (France)

14) Nongshim RedForce (South Korea)

15) Four Angry Men (China)

16) REJECT (Japan)

PMGC Group Yellow Day 1 highlights

4AM had a great start to the contest as they took an 11-kill win in their first game. However, they could not maintain their pace in the other five matches and collected 47 points on Day 1. The team came to the event after winning the PMGC PEL qualifiers, and will be hoping to live up to fans’ expectations.

Underdog team Geekay from Saudi Arabia had a fabulous showing throughout the opening day, winning their second and third matches. The team stood in second place with 83 points on the overall scoreboard.

Geek Fam set up aggressive gameplay on the first day, which also helped them collect more elimination points. They won their fourth match with 13 kills, accumulating 28 points from a single game. They showcased a strong performance in the match, defeating FaZe Clan and IHC in the final circle.

Peace led Besiktas Esports to set up an 8-kill victory after outstanding showcasing in their last fight against T2K. Due to this win, the team is currently in the 10th position with 38 points.

Faze Clan clinched the sixth game of the day with nine eliminations, climbing up to the fourth spot with 58 points in the overall rankings. The team found their momentum by the end of yesterday and will need to carry that momentum into the upcoming matches.

T2K from Nepal did not get a single Chicken Dinner but they performed consistently and finished the PMGC Yellow Day 1 in the third spot. The team had podium finishes in three out of the six matches.

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