PMGC League Group Yellow Day 3: Overall standings, highlights, and more

PMGC Group Yellow Day 3 marked the end of 18 matches (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Day 3 of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC): 2022’s Group Yellow came to an end today. After a hard-fought battle between the 16 teams in Group Yellow, Geek Fam from Malaysia secured the pole position at the end of the day, toppling the Chinese squad of 4 Angry Men.

Geek Fam had an average performance yesterday, but popped off today and came out guns blazing, pulling off a substantial lead from the second-placed squad. Overall, the team ended their day with 205 points and 106 eliminations.

The 2020 PMGC runner-up from China, 4 Angry Men (4AM), were dislodged from pole position today after a series of early exits in multiple matches. The team had an average run and were only able to secure 34 points in six games. They ended their day with 179 points and 92 eliminations.

The third spot at the end of the day was captured by Japanese squad Reject, who put forth an impressive display of wit, gun skill, and game sense. The team rotated to prime positions in multiple matches and was able to secure several high frag games, which helped them end their day with 166 points and 83 frags.

With just one day and six matches to go for PMGC Group Yellow, it is the make-it or break-it time for all the squads.

PMGC Group Yellow Day 3 match-wise performance of teams

Top eight teams standings of PMGC Group Yellow after 18 matches (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top eight teams standings of PMGC Group Yellow after 18 matches (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 13 – Erangel

The first game of the day played on Erangel saw Reject coming out as the victors with a 12-frag Chicken Dinner. Brazilian squad Vivo Keyd had a good outing in this game as well, finishing at the second spot with seven kills to their name.

Saudi Arabian team Geekay Esports managed to creep into third place in this match, adding a single frag to their tally.

Match 14 – Miramar

Thai team TEM Entertainment finally woke up from their slumber and secured a Chicken Dinner in the second game on Miramar with 11 frags. This performance lifted the spirits of the squad as they carried the momentum throughout the day.

Geek Fam were outwitted despite having an advantage and finished at the second spot with seven kills. D’Xavier from Vietnam also came alive in this match and managed to capture the third spot with five eliminations.

Match 15 – Sanhok

The grasslands of Sanhok were conquered by the French squad Game-Lord today. The team showed their prowess and converted an early-zone opportunity into an easy win with eight frags.

The second place in this game was secured by Thai team FaZe Clan who held their nerves and secured 10 frags. TEM Entertainment had another fabulous outing as they managed to secure third spot with 10 kills to their name.

Overall rankings of PMGC Group Yellow after Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Overall rankings of PMGC Group Yellow after Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 16 – Erangel

The fourth game saw Geek Fam obliterate the lobby in a dominating fashion. They eliminated multiple teams, racking up a total of 17 eliminations and climbing to the top spot on the overall leaderboard. The Turkish team Beşiktaş Esports finished second in this match with a single frag, while Reject secured the third spot with five kills.

Match 17 – Miramar

The fifth match was played on Miramar and was again claimed by TEM Entertainment. They cleverly made their way into the final circle and took advantage of a fight between the two squads, Vivo Keyd and Game-Lord, to take the Chicken Dinner by eliminating six players.

Vivo Keyd finished second in this match with five kills while Game-Lord managed to secure the third spot with a whopping 13 eliminations to their name.

Match 18 – Erangel

Genesis Dogma from Indonesia came out victorious in the final match of the day with 11 kills to their name. The squad, who struggled prior to this game, showed restraint and resilience, capitalizing on multiple kills from prime positions inside the circle.

This Chicken Dinner kept them in contention for a spot in the survival stage of the championship. Both FaZe Clan and Reject had another great showing in this game and finished at the second and third spot, respectively. The squads managed to propel themselves further up the points table with this performance, and will be aiming to perform brilliantly in the PMGC Group Yellow Day 4.

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