PMNC 2022 South Asia Wildcard Finals Day 1: Overall standings, highlights, and more

PMNC SA Wildcard Finals Day 1 featured six matches (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The Grand Finals of the PMNC 2022 South Asia Wildcard commenced on December 27, with NB Esports leading the overall standings after six matches. The underdog Mongolian team scored 97 points, after consistent outings on the opening day. They clinched two Chicken Dinners in the second and fourth matches, which helped them take a 35-point lead over the second-placed team. As a result of their aggressive gameplay, the team scored 40 kills, the highest number of kills so far.

SITM, who was the top squad in the Semifinals, made some good exploits and obtained 62 points despite not claiming a Chicken Dinner. The side had three podium finishes in the six matches they played. Their aggressive gameplay in the fourth match, where they gained 24 points, helped them secure the second place in the table. Their player, Roguei, clinched 12 eliminations.

SEAL Esports looked great today and earned 56 points with the help of 32 eliminations. The Mongolian squad has not had good performances in recent tournaments. They will definitely hope to grab a good place in the competition. In 2021, they lifted the trophy in the PMCO Spring Wildcard and have been looking for their second title ever since.

PMNC SA Wildcard Finals Day 1 overview

PMNC SA Finals Day 1 standings of top eight teams (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMNC SA Finals Day 1 standings of top eight teams (Image via PUBG Mobile)

A1 Esports was directly invited to the Finals and clinched a 12-kill victory in their first match of the tournament. EQNX 992 earned the second position in the first match with six kills, followed by SEAL.

NB Esports took control in the second match and won it with eight frags, while SITM was in second position with seven eliminations. TRZ, who made it through the PMPL to the Finals, finished fourth in the game.

TRZ finished 14th after PMNC Finals Day 1 (Image via PUBG)
TRZ finished 14th after PMNC Finals Day 1 (Image via PUBG)

In the third game, BEE came in first place with 13 kills, and this was their best performance on Day 1. SITM had a slow-paced game as they came second with a single frag.

The fourth and fifth games went to NB Esports and EQNX 922, as they claimed 11 kills each. Team 1952 played well in both matches and registered 15 and 17 points, respectively.

Astra Academy, whose previous superstar roster now plays for GodLike Stalwart, ended their day with a massive 15-kill Chicken Dinner. Overall, they came in sixth with 51 points in the PMNC Day 1 overall standings.

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