PMPL 2022 Fall South Asia Week 2: Overall standings, highlights, bonus points, and more

The second week of the PMPL 2022 Fall South Asia ended on September 11. DE Warriors, who performed quite well on Day 4, showcased the momentum today. They took the top spot on the Week 2 leaderboard with 245 points and 137 eliminations. The squad secured a total of four chicken dinners in the last five days through multiple high-frag games.

Skylightz Gaming closed the second week in style, bagging 235 points with 99 eliminations. High Voltage, another Nepalese squad, also performed well, taking the third spot with 207 points and 97 kills. GodLike Stalwart’s performance dropped this week as they finished with 181 points, finishing in the seventh spot.

PMPL South Asia Week 2 overall rankings

DE Warriors claimed first place in PMPL SA Week 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
DE Warriors claimed first place in PMPL SA Week 2 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

IHC Esports a top Mongolian squad, went back to their winning ways towards the end of the week, finishing in the fifth spot with 187 points. Trained to Kill, a team that saw a decent run in Week 1, failed to offer impressive performances over the last five days and couldn’t even touch the triple-digit mark, only obtaining a measly 92 points in 20 games.

T2K finished 20th place (Image via PUBG Mobile)
T2K finished 20th place (Image via PUBG Mobile)

1952XDRW, a Bangladeshi team, performed decently in the first week but failed to carry that momentum into the second, ending up with only 99 points to their name. This caused them to drop to the 10th spot on the overall leaderboard. The woes of Mongolian team SEAL Esport continued this week. The team was only able to bag a total of 100 points.

Overall standings after PMPL SA Week 2

Post Week 2’s completion in PMPL Fall 2022 South Asia, GodLike Stalwart, the Mongolian squad leads the overall points table with 449 points and 213 eliminations.

Following them in second place after a dominating run this week is Nepalese squad DE Warriors with 412 points and 240 frags. Skylightz Gaming, who too had a decent run over the last five days, holds the third spot on the overall leaderboard with 411 points and 165 frags.

PMPL SA Week 1 and 2 bonus points (Image via Sportskeeda)
PMPL SA Week 1 and 2 bonus points (Image via Sportskeeda)

The bonus-point leaderboard is currently led by High Voltage, who have accumulated 35 points. They are followed by Mongolian squads GodLike Stalwart and IHC Esports with 34 points each. The bonus points accumulated from three weeks of league play will be counted in the standings in the tournament’s Finals.

With just one week left in the League Stage, the top teams will look to consolidate their position and cruise through to the Finals. On the other hand, the bottom squads will jostle for placements in the top 16.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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