PMPL Americas Championship 2022 Fall Day 1: Overall standings, summary, and more


The PMPL Americas Championship Fall started on October 20, with Team Queso taking control of the overall scoreboard at the end of six matches.

The Brazilian squad added 68 points at an average of 11.33 points per match to their name, with the help of 27 kills and one chicken dinner. However, the Argentina-based Spanish organization will have to perform consistently in their remaining matches, as some teams are only a few points behind them.

The Brazilian side Alpha 7 Esports stood in the second spot with 65 points, while their national counterparts, Loops Esports, were in third at 61. PMPL Fall Brazil Champion iNCO Gaming, with 58 points, grabbed fourth place.

Defending champion and yet another Brazilian PUBG Mobile team, Influence Chemin, ended up in fifth place with 57 points after a steady showing in their six games. Costa Rican side Infinity came sixth with 52 points, followed by Xtreme Slayers, who accumulated 46 points.


Pittsburgh Knights, Vivo Keyd, and Furious Gaming were in the eighth, eleventh, and twelfth spots with 44, 37, and 35 points, respectively. Nova Esports failed to survive any matches on Day 1, as the team collected only 11 points.

At the end of 24 matches, the top three teams will reach the PMGC 2022 League. Alpha 7, Furious Gaming, Vivo Keyd, and Knights have already booked their tickets for the Global Championship.

PMPL Americas Championship Fall Day 1 summary

Team Queso finished first place after PMPL Americas Fall Day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Team Queso finished first place after PMPL Americas Fall Day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Loops Esports ended the first match in style, winning a 12-kill chicken dinner. Knights also fought well and grabbed 20 points, including eight kills. Having been eliminated at the 14th spot, Nova Esports had a poor game in the opening match.

iNCO Gaming presented a superb performance in the second match, claiming a 13-kill victory and proving themselves once again in front of seasoned teams. Loops also did a good job and held the second position with six finishes, followed by Team Queso.

The third game took place in Erangel, where Team Queso clinched a 11-kill win to their bag. Rise Esports showed some great gameplay and occupied second place with nine kills. But it was the only game from them on Day 1.

Day 1 overall standings of PMPL Americas Championship Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Day 1 overall standings of PMPL Americas Championship Fall (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Influence Chemin managed to win the fourth match of Day 1, which was held on the Sanhok map, with nine eliminations. Infinity found some momentum and reached second place with four frags. Team Queso and Alpha 7 did not perform well and got eliminated early.

With a mammoth 15-kill victory, Alpha 7 set up an exceptional performance in the fifth match of the day to strengthen their ranking on the overall leaderboard. Team Queso was second with four frags, while iNCO took eight kills in the game.

After a poor showing in their previous five matches, Just 4 Fun took a six-kill chicken dinner, but it was not enough to reach a respectable spot in the overall rankings.


The PMPL Americas Championship 2022 Fall started on October 20 and is set to culminate on October 23. The four-day long tournament will see six matches played on each day.

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