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PMPL Americas Championship Fall Day 3: Overall standings, highlights, and more


With only six matches left in the PMPL Americas Championship Fall, INCO Gaming picked up the first spot from their counterpart Alpha 7 Esports after Day 3. The Brazilian champions finished the day with 209 points, which included 90 eliminations in their 18 matches.

Alpha 7 Esports dropped a spot to second place with 197 points and 105 eliminations. Defending champion Influence Chemin remained firmly in third place thanks to consistent performances today. After a drop in their performances on the second day, Team Queso gave some great performances today and moved up to the fourth position with 162 points.

Vivo Keyd and Knights posted 156 and 154 points respectively, while Aton Esports was in seventh position with 136 points. Nova Esports moved up a spot to 15th place with 80 points. The side will need some surprising executions on the final day to reach a respectable position.

PMPL Americas Championship Fall Day 3 highlights

INCO Gaming grabbed first place after PMPL Americas Day 3 (image via PUBG Mobile)
INCO Gaming grabbed first place after PMPL Americas Day 3 (image via PUBG Mobile)

The first match zone shrunk near the Erangel Military bridge where INCO Gaming presented a fantastic showcasing to win a 14-kill chicken dinner. Nova Esports played a safe game and claimed the fourth position without a single kill.

Furious Gaming impressed everyone with some great exploits in the second game, winning an 11-kill chicken dinner to their name. INCO Gaming also had another good gameplay as they came second with five finishes. Influence Chemin took six eliminations before being out of the running.

Switching to the third match, Team Queso emerged victorious with eight frags. Nova Esports earned 19 points, including nine kills, while Alpha 7 accumulated 18 points.

PMPL Americas Fall rankings after Day 3 (image via PUBG Mobile)
PMPL Americas Fall rankings after Day 3 (image via PUBG Mobile)

Knights set up a one-sided gameplay to claim a massive 19-kill victory in the fourth match. Loops and Nova Esports finished in second and third with four and one kills respectively. INCO Gaming did an amazing job once again and collected 14 points.

They added a third chicken dinner to their name, taking a six-kill victory in the fifth game. Infinity acquired second place with nine kills, while Vivo Keyd placed third with seven kills.

With a huge 17-kill win, the sixth match was dominated by Influence Chemin. The team defeated team Execute in a 3 vs 4 fight in the last zone. Rise and Team Queso garnered 13 points each.

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