PMPL South Asia 2022 Fall Day 3: Overall standings, highlights, top 3 players, and more 

The third day of the PMPL South Asia Fall League 2022 concluded with GodLike Stalwart holding on to their top spot. However, the team only managed to gain 20 points. They had a 40-point lead over the second-best team going into the day, but the gap has now been reduced to only one point. The squad is currently at 143 points after playing 12 matches.

DRS Gaming, who’d been in eighth place in the overall points table, made a huge jump and ended up in the second spot. The team raked in 76 points in four matches, taking their total to 142. Skylightz Gaming also saw a significant leap, covering 10 places, and finished fifth in the overall rankings.

Thanks to two podium finishes, Elementrix jumped six places and took the third rank, while Deadeyes Guys gained one spot and finished fourth.

PMPL South Asia Fall League Day 3 Match standings

GodLike Stalwart remains in the first place (Image via PUBG Mobile)
GodLike Stalwart remains in the first place (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Elementrix played safely to win the first match of the day, which was played on Sanhok, with four frags. DRS Gaming showed good rotation to bag second place with nine frags.

TRZ went all out in the second match on Erangel to secure the win with a whopping 16 kills. The team was aggressive from the start and made their way to the zone by eliminating other squads. Skylightz Gaming also had a decent match as they occupied second place with eight frags. The side once again displayed passive gameplay to claim the third match of the day with eight frags. However, it was Elementrix that obliterated the lobby and claimed 18 frags.

SEAL Esports placed 13th after PMPL Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
SEAL Esports placed 13th after PMPL Day 3 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The fourth match played on the desert map of Miramar was won by DRS Gaming, which pushed them to the second spot on the overall table. The team also added 14 points to their tally, courtesy of eliminations.

The final match of the day was a close battle between Venom Legends and DRS Gaming, and the former came out on top with six frags. However, the latter topped the match table thanks to their 11 eliminations.

Elimination Leaderboard after PMPL League Day 3

  • Killer YT – 22 kills
  • DOK922 – 21 kills
  • Snipe YT – 19 kills
  • Nirzed922 – 17 kills
  • Orangeey – 17 kills

KillerYT from DRS Gaming has replaced Action at the top spot with 22 kills and 3,460 damage. Team Deadeyes Warriors is currently in seventh place. And two of their players (DOK922 and Nirzed922) are on the list of the top fraggers, in second and fourth place. Snipe YT, with 19 kills, secured the third spot.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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