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PMPL South Asia Championship 2022 Fall Day 1: Overall standings, summary, top four players, and more


GodLike Stalwart was at the top spot when the opening day of the 2022 PMPL South Asia Championship Fall ended on October 13. The Mongolian squad collected 71 points at an average of 11.83, thanks to their one chicken dinner and 26 eliminations.

IHC Esports, previously known as Zeus Esports, acquired second place with 70 points and 34 finishes. They were followed by Skylightz Gaming, who earned two chicken dinners today. DRS Gaming came fourth with 65 points, while Pakistani team T20xQWERTY finished in the eighth spot with 46 points.

PMPL South Asia Championship 2022 Fall Day 1 summary

PMPL SA Fall champion High Voltage in sixth place after Day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMPL SA Fall champion High Voltage in sixth place after Day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 1 – Erangel

Nepali squad High Voltage began their campaign with the same gameplay the team had displayed during the PMPL SA Fall (not to be confused with the PMPL South Asia Championship). With a six-kill chicken dinner, they clinched the opening match after defeating T2K and DE Warriors in the final circle.

DE Warriors, with 11 eliminations, offered a spectacular display of gameplay and came first on the match leaderboard. Pakistani squad i8 Esports scored 10 points, while GodLike Stalwart grabbed nine points in the first match.

Match 2 – Miramar

Skylightz Gaming, with a spectacular performance, went on to obtain a 13-kill chicken dinner in the second match. In their final fight, they managed to defeat GodLike Stalwart, who came second with eight eliminations. This was an average game for High Voltage, as they were eliminated early on and had only five points.

PMPL SA Championship Fall Day 1 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMPL SA Championship Fall Day 1 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Match 3 – Erangel

DRS Gaming won third match with 13 eliminations, scoring 28 points in a single match. i8 Esports came second with only one kill, while Venom Legends claimed third place with six frags. Skylightz, High Voltage, and STE collected four, three, and one point, respectively.

Match 4 – Sanhok

GodLike Stalwart earned their first chicken dinner with seven eliminations after showcasing passive gameplay. Nepali squads DRS Gaming and Elimentrix displayed some fabulous exploits, securing second and third positions with three and six finishes. Joke’s four kills helped TUF collect nine points in this match.

Match 5 – Erangel

The fifth game was won by Skylightz Gaming with 12 eliminations, and this was their second chicken dinner. GodLike Stalwart once again presented an admirable performance and secured second place with four frags. They were followed by T2K and DE Warriors. DRS Gaming failed to do much in the match, as the team got eliminated early on.

Match 6 – Miramar

Mongolian powerhouse IHC Esports bounced back with a chicken dinner in the final match of the day, acquiring a 13-kill victory and gaining some momentum. Pakistani squads R3G and T20Q finished in second and third places with eight and five kills, respectively.

Top 4 players from Day 1

Top 4 players (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top 4 players (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Demo and Voltrux have secured 13 and 12 eliminations, while Pika and Gyantey have claimed 12 and 11 kills, respectively. The race for the MVP award among these players will continue over the next two days.

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