PMWI 2023 All Stars Showmatch will feature Alan Walker and Topz, All Details

PMWI 2023 will feature Alan Walker and Topz in a showmatch with teams Vampire eSports and Team R8.

The popular DJ and PUBG Mobile fan Alan Walker will compete at the PMWI 2023 in a showmatch on July 13th with the 2022 PMWI champions, Vampire Esports. Together, they’ll go head-to-head against host-region teams R8 Esports and Topz to see who has the best skills.

Alan Walker and Topz compete against each other with their respective teams in the best of three Arena: Warehouse at 2 p.m. on July 13th on the PMWI 2023 All Star Stage. Tonyk, Noozy, and Schwepxz will play with Alan Walker from Vampire Esports, and Carryboy, CR7, and ID7 will play with Topz from R8 Esports in the PMWI 2023 All-Star Showmatch.

After the showmatch, day 3 matches will go on as scheduled. The top six teams from the PMWI 2023 All Star Stage will qualify for the main tournament starting July 14, 2023. The teams that will compete at PMWI 2023 are:

PMWI 2023 Teams

All star Stage

  • Bigetron Red Villains: PMPL Indonesia
  • FaZe Clan, PMPL Thailand
  • SEM9: PMPL Malaysia
  • 21 Esports: PMPL Vietnam
  • Yangon Galacticos: PMPL SEA Wildcard
  • DRS Gaming, PMPL South Asia
  • AGON x I8 Esports: PMPL Pakistan
  • Titan Gaming and PMPL Africa
  • Hyper Esports: PMPL North America
  • Aton Esports, PMPL Latin America
  • Alpha7 Esports: PMPL Brasil
  • S2G Esports: PMPL Türkiye
  • Gaimin Gladiators, PMPL Europe
  • R8 Esports: Host Country
  • Vampire Esports: PMWI 2022 Champions
  • DPLUS-Korea Points
  • Varrel: KR/JP Showdown

Main Tournament Teams

  • Twisted Minds: Saudi eLeague
  • Tianba, Peacekeeper Elite League
  • Six Two Eight: Peacekeeper Elite League
  • Reject: Japan League
  • Alter Ego Ares, SEA Super League
  • Box Gaming: SEA Super League
  • Stalwart Esports: South Asia Championship
  • Geekay Esports: MEA Championship
  • Alpha7 Esports: America’s Championship
  • Fire Flux Esports: European Championship

PMWI 2023 will run until July 16th, 2023, with all Star stages and the main tournament. For all the updates including schedule, map rotation, overall ranking, and more news regarding PMWI 2023 and eSports follow the InsideSports.

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