PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage Day 1: Recap, Standings, Top Fraggers, More

The PMWI Allstars Stage 2023 kicked off today where the reigning champions Vampire Esports set the bar high with back to back dominating wins. Not just they were the most intimidating in the late games, the team landed towering elimination streaks, totaling for an impressive 78 points top place finish which includes 45 eliminations.

Gaimin Gladiators secured the second spot with 57 points, displaying consistent performance throughout the matches, even though they didn’t manage to secure any chicken dinners.

Bigetron Red Villians came back strong around the end of the day to secure the third position with two chicken dinners and a total of 50 points. Faze Clan performed well, securing the fifth rank in the tournament. Follow this article for a match by match recap from day 1 of the PMWI: 2023 Allstars Stage.

Recap: PMPL 2023 Allstars Stage Day 1

PMWI 2023 started with a fierce faceoff in Bootcamp between Faze Clan and Dplus KIA where Dplus earned their salvation with a clutch. Around the mid-games, S2G forced R8 Esports out of their stronghold. In the final circle, Vampire Esports controlled the safe zone and faced S2G in a lackluster showdown. Vampire Esports won with 17 points while Gaimin Gladiators surpassed S2G on the points table.

The circle shifted to Military Island, and Gaimin Gladiators showed aggression but underestimated SEM9, costing them the match. SEM9, DRS, and Vampire Esports reached the final three. After an intense standoff, Vampire Esports won with explosive 4v4 battles. Vampire Esports earned 23 points with 13 eliminations, while DRS fell to fourth place.

Vampire Esports continued their dominant run as the circle fell between Pochinki Hill and the Military Bridge. They rotated efficiently, eliminating weaker teams. Despite losing two members, Vampire Esports secured an impressive 15 eliminations. Faze Clan held the highest stakes but Vampire Esports put up a fight. Faze Clan claimed the victory, but Vampire Esports remained on top with 23 points.

Bigetron Red Villians employed strategic maneuvers to win the fourth match, accumulating eight eliminations. Gamin Gladiators showcased their aggressive playstyle, leading them to the top of the match standings with 14 elimination points. Despite an early exit, Faze Clan managed to secure nine eliminations.

In the penultimate round set in Miramar, Team Falcon demonstrated patience, which helped them claim the first-place position. DPlus secured second place, while Ikurd secured the third spot with eight and five eliminations respectively.

In the final battle of the day, Bigetron RA capitalized on the zone’s advantage and achieved a stealthy victory, earning 9 eliminations. Infinity IQ secured the second spot with three eliminations, while Yokohama Donuts Varrel managed to accumulate seven elimination points despite being eliminated early in the match.

Elimination Leaders: PMPL 2023 Allstars Stage Day 1

The leaderboard of the top fraggers in the tournament is dominated by Vampire Esports players. Stoned from Vampire Esports holds the first position with an impressive 14 eliminations. Tixzy from Gamin Gladiators follows closely behind at second place with 13 eliminations. TonyK from Vampire Esports secures the third spot with the same number of eliminations. Executing remarkable performances, Schwepxz from Vampire Esports ranks fourth with 12 eliminations.

PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage is the offline qualifier for the main event and is scheduled to take place from 11th to 13th July. A total of 18 teams are competing in the PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage with for the spots for the main stage. Stay tuned to AFK Gaming as we bring more from the high-stakes stage of PMWI.