PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage Day 2: Recap, Standings, Top Fraggers, More

Vampire Esports showcased their dominance on Day 2 of the PMWI Allstars Stage, solidifying their lead with an outstanding performance. Out of the six matches played, they amassed an impressive total of 65 points, establishing a significant 33-point lead over their closest rivals. This substantial advantage on the leaderboard presents a formidable challenge for other teams attempting to catch up.

In a remarkable comeback, DRS Gaming secured two Chicken Dinners, propelling them up to the second spot with a total of 110 points. Meanwhile, Gaimin Gladiators experienced a setback and slipped to third place with 94 points. On the other hand, Alpha7 Esports displayed signs of improvement on Day 2, climbing to the sixth position. Unfortunately, Bigetron RA faced a challenging day and dropped to the ninth rank in the standings.

As for individual performers, taking the lead with an impressive 18 elims is Forest from Dplus Kia. Close behind in second place is KillerYT from DRS Gaming with 17 eliminations.

Recap: PMPL 2023 Allstars Stage Day 2

Day 2 kickstarted with Faze Clan getting their sweet revenge on Dplus Kia in bootcamp, reversing the outcome of yesterday. What’s impressive is that Faze Clan kept all four of their team members alive.

The Sanhok match witnessed another shift in the circle towards the North West. Teams gathered around the South of Camp Alpha, leading to a faceoff between the consistent forces of the tournament, DRS Gaming, and the three-man team of Gaimin Gladiators. DRS Gaming emerged triumphant, dominating the final fight and earning a whopping 26 points. Delta, the fragger for DRS Gaming, stood out as an exceptional performer, securing seven eliminations for his team.

Moving on to the second match, the Farm side circle forced many teams into open spaces. Vampire Esports tried to push Gaimin Gladiators, but the latter fell back, evading the assault. Unfortunately for Vampire Esports, the circle eliminated any ground where their remaining survivors could take a stand. Dplus Kia, S2G, and Gaimin Gladiators capitalized on this opportunity and eliminated Vampire Esports through combined suppression. These three teams then battled it out in the end circles, using grenades to take each other down, until Dplus Kia emerged as the last team standing. The South Korean representatives secured a big 23 points from this game.

In the third match, the host representatives, Team Falcons, showcased their skills and dominance. Their four-man squad brought Dplus Kia to their knees in a long-range engagement just outside the Farm side compounds. DRS Gaming, from an off-angle, added to the pressure on Dplus Kia, making it even harder for them. Eventually, Falcons caught DRS off guard and eliminated them in third place. Falcons then made a straight push to wipe out the last survivor of Dplus Kia, earning an impressive 24 points in total.

DRS Gaming continued to showcase their exceptional gameplay and emerged victorious for the second time on Day 2, amassing a total of eight eliminations. They ran over Aton Esports, who were previously struggling in the rankings, but finally improved to finish second in this match with 15 points. Infinity IQ survived till another end circle and secured the third position with a commendable 14 points.

The Brazilian poster boys finally brought their A-game as Alpha 7 took a 25 points game. Revoo remained consistent once again, delivering another MVP performance with 6 eliminations. A performance this dominant left no chance for even table toppers like Vampire Esports as their remaining servers were mowed down by this man. 

In the final match of Day 2 in the PMWI tournament, Vampire Esports concluded on a high note by clinching a remarkable victory on Miramar, amassing an impressive 16 eliminations. Infinity IQ displayed their composure once again and secured the second position. Despite being eliminated before the game concluded, S2G managed to accumulate eight eliminations, showcasing their prowess.

PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage is the offline qualifier for the main event and is scheduled to take place from 11th to 13th July. A total of 18 teams are competing in the PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage with for the spots for the main stage. Stay tuned to AFK Gaming as we bring more from the high-stakes stage of PMWI.