PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage Day 3: Recap, Standings, More

The Allstars Stage of PMWI 2023 concluded today, revealing the top 6 teams that will be moving forward to the main stage. Vampire Esports delivered an outstanding performance throughout the event, finishing the stage with a 30-point lead on the table and the highest elimination count among all teams.

Dplus Gaming showcased remarkable improvement, surpassing DRS on the overall table with a stunning streak in the last few matches. DRS, with one more win on the final day, secured a podium finish with a four-point difference from Dplus KIA.

The battle for the next three slots was fiercely fought over the course of six matches on the last day. Among half a dozen teams, Gaimin Gladiators, A7 Esports, and Team Falcons emerged victorious and will be moving on to the main stage.

As A7 Esports had already qualified for the main stage, Infinity IQ claimed the seventh and final qualifying spot, leaving behind Agonxi8, who missed their chance by just one point. Let’s take a look at the highlights from each match on Day 3.

PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage Day 3 – Match Wise Recap

Match 1: R8 Esports started the day with an impressive victory, securing their first win in this stage with 12 eliminations. Although DRS missed another opportunity to increase their chicken dinner count, their second-place finish with 9 eliminations was enough to secure their ticket for the main stage.

Match 2: The second match on Erangel brought a shock to fans around the world and a much-needed break for passionate Pakistani fans. Agonxi8 delivered an astounding performance with 22 eliminations, securing a chicken dinner and rejuvenating their spirits for a slot in the main stage.

Match 3: Vampire Esports continued their dominance in the third match, earning another 24 points to solidify their unprecedented lead at the top. Dplus KIA put up an inspiring run, challenging DRS’s hold on the second spot.

Match 4: The fourth match, set in Mylta side circle, favored teams that held the ridges around Farm. Gaimin Gladiators showcased exceptional defense of their territory. DRS fought their way from insides of Mylta with 8 eliminations but had to give up hope for redemption as the circle moved out. Dplus KIA and Gaimin Gladiators entered the showdown phase with all four members alive. With some on point nading, Dplus KIA struck early, bringing Gladiators to two men standing. But in a surprising turn of events, the two remaining Gladiators brought down the four-man push of Dplus KIA, emerging victorious.

Match 5: Teams went all out in the first Miramar match of the day. Despite not making it to the final circle, both Alpha 7 and Agonxi8 secured commendable finishes before going out, keeping their hopes alive. The final circle fell on the hilly terrains south of Los Leones, resulting in a four-way standoff between Dplus KIA, BTR, Infinity IQ, and YG. The fight ended messily, with all teams suffering significant losses. In a shocking turn of events, Dplus KIA’s Sayden clutched an unthinkable 1v3, sealing the chicken dinner for his team, snatching it from the grasp of BTR.

Match 6: With qualification for the main stage at stake, the lower-ranked teams gave it their all in a bid to move up the standings. Infinity IQ, Agonxi8, and PMGC champions S2G Esports were all eyeing the coveted 6th spot. However, both Infinity IQ and Agonxi8’s promising runs came to an end, falling victim to Dplus KIA’s overwhelming aggression. S2G, with a good number of eliminations, seemed poised for a strong finish until R8 Esports unleashed their iconic wrath, decimating the lobby with a 20-elimination chicken dinner.

As S2G’s dream of reaching the main stage went up in flames, Infinity IQ received a second chance as Alpha 7 had already secured their spot. Unfortunately, this meant that the Pakistani favorites, Agonxi8, lost their chance at PMWI glory by just one point.

The main stage matches will begin tomorrow, where PMPL Champions from around the world will be joined by these top 6 teams to compete for the lion’s share of the USD 2 million prize pool. Stay tuned to AFK Gaming for daily coverage of PMWI 2023.