PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage: VPE’s Opening Spectacle Leaves Rivals Speechless

Intense battles, clutch plays, and Vampire Esports’ dominance highlighted the first half of day 1 from the Allstars Stage. Read the thrilling highlights and see which teams made an impact in the race for a spot in the main stage of PMWI 2023.

Mid-Day Recap – PMWI 2023: Allstars Stage Day 1

PMWI 2023 started off squad face off in Bootcamp where Dplus KIA Sayden clutched a 1v1 against Faze Clan with an incredible last-second blow of S12k. Although Dplus KIA took bootcamp, the team lost 3 players in the process. In the mid-game, S2G went aggressive, forcing their regional rivals – R8 Esports, out of their stronghold while putting down two of their players.

In an extreme north western shift of the circle, 17 teams gathered around Camp Alpha for the last stand. Nepali sensation DRS wiped Ikurd in a perfectly executed push, but their late rotations around the edges took a heavy toll. 

At the final circle, even from a low ground disadvantage, Vampire Esports took control of the entire safe zone, keeping all 4 alive till the end. This led to an underwhelming showdown between the defending PMWI Champs Vampire Esports versus the reigning PMGC title holders S2G Esports, where the last surviving member from S2G denied the kill point to Vampire Esports by eliminating himself with his own molotov.

Vampire Esports bagged 17 points from the game whereas the European favorites, Gaimin Gladiators surpassed S2G on the points table with 9 elimination points beside their name. 

The circle shifted to the Military Island in the next game where Gaimin Gladiators showed even more aggression to claim their position of choice. But underestimating SEM9, the Malaysian talent cost them the match in another risky push. 

As it came down to a final 3 between SEM9, DRS, and Vampire Esports, the three way standoff went on for a lengthy period with flanks and rotations around the hilly terrains. DRS maintained their natural passive gameplay and avoided being first to fall as Vampire Esports kept pulling the strings from their perfect compound stronghold. With the elimination of SEM9, the circle forced both teams out of their comfort zones as we witnessed one of the most explosive 4v4s on the stage of PMWI. With nades and revives taking the center stage, it all came down to punish every wrong step. Vampire Esports however played the smokes and the terrains to their advantage and clutched the game in a nail-biting finish. 

With a whopping 13 elimination streak, Vampire Esports took a 23 points leap on the board. DRS not able to secure those finishes, fell down to 4th spot on the match ranking as SEM9 and Gaimin Gladiators swept past them with more eliminations. 

Vampire Esports went even beyond in the following match to continue their dominant run. As the circle fell on the open fields between Pochinki Hill and the Military Bridge, teams struggled to fight their way in from the clusters around the edges. Vampire Esports rotated like clockwork, eliminating weaker forces that were surviving by a thread. While they lost two of its members after some greedy pushes, the team had already secured a mind-boggling 15 eliminations before the match even entered the end circles.

However, Faze Clan with all four of its members alive held the highest stakes on the chicken dinner. But the remaining members from Vampire Esports did not let it down that easy. TonyK delivered MVP performance for Vampire Esports, and opened up a huge opening for his team with back to back knocks on Faze Clan. Nevertheless, Faze Clan managed to bring the situation in control by punishing the desperate push from Vampire and claimed the game. Even so, it was still the Vampires who stood at the top with 23 points from the game.  

Remaining matches for the day is live across PUBG Mobile Esports channel.

PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage is the offline qualifier for the main event and is scheduled to take place from 11th to 13th July. A total of 18 teams will compete in the PMWI 2023 Allstars Stage with the top six qualifying for the main stage of the PMWI 2023. Stay tuned to AFK Gaming as we bring more from the high-stakes stage of PMWI.