PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Kicks Off with STE Taking Opening Match as VPE Overtakes in Eliminations

The main-stage of the PMPL 2023 kicked off with the favorites showing their mettle on the global stage. Although the South Asian aces, Stalwart Esports claimed the opening match, it looks like Vampire Esports is once again proving to be a biggest menace of the lobby, currently sitting at the top with 47 points, despite not securing a chicken dinner yet. While they may lack first-place finishes, Vampire Esports compensates with their ability to secure frags all over the map. Following closely behind, Alter Ego and Stalwarts Esports each have one chicken dinner to their name, with 40 and 29 points respectively.

Mid-Day Recap – PMWI 2023: Main Stage Day 1

Match 1
Although it was only the first of 18 matches, teams went all out to secure the highest number of eliminations in the intense Sanhok match. Stalwart Esports managed to secure an uncontested position in Bootcamp. They made cautious rotations towards the northwestern side, avoiding unnecessary clashes with Gaimin Gladiators. This strategic decision paid off, as Stalwart Esports entered the final circle as the only surviving 3-man team. The duo from Fire Flux posed a threat, but Alter Ego’s intervention turned the tables in Stalwart Esports’ favor. With a remarkable DBS clutch, Stalwart Esports claimed the opening chicken dinner of the tournament.

Match 2

In the next match, Alter Ego came back strong. Favored by the circle, they strategically utilized the zone to their advantage, preventing Vampire Esports from entering the safe zone. However, Vampire Esports still dominated the match standings, accumulating a whopping 16 eliminations. DRS Gaming also fell victim to Vampire Esports’ wrath, getting wiped out in third place, despite their hopes for a higher finish.

The third match proved to be a high-scoring affair for three contenders: Geekay Esports, Vampire Esports, and Fire Flux. Geekay Esports, unable to protect their members, finished in third place with 12 eliminations. The match ultimately came down to a 4v4 showdown between Fire Flux and Vampire Esports. Once again, Vampire Esports struggled to withstand Fire Flux’s onslaught. Nevertheless, Vampire Esports earned another 19 points to increase their lead.

Remaining matches for the day are live across PUBG Mobile Esports channel.