PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 2: GG Wins Opener, Vampire Dominates to Hold the Throne

The main stage of PMWI 2023 continued ahead with teams delivering their absolute best on the second day, warmed up and ready to conquer. Gaimin Gladiator after showing a decent performance on the first day, finally snatched gold in dominant fashion.

Day 2 kicked off with the favorites showing their mettle on the global stage. Although the South Asian aces, Stalwart Esports claimed the opening match, it looks like Vampire Esports is once again proving to be a biggest menace of the lobby, currently sitting at the top with 47 points, despite not securing a chicken dinner yet. While they may lack first-place finishes, Vampire Esports compensates with their ability to secure frags all over the map. Following closely behind, Alter Ego and Stalwarts Esports each have one chicken dinner to their name, with 40 and 29 points respectively.

Mid-Day Recap – PMWI 2023: Main Stage Day 2

The first match of the second day and not a single team showed any signs of slowing down in this intense match that took place on Sanhok. Gaimin Gladiators were swift with their rotations and played smart to reach the final circle, where they managed to flip the advantage held by BOX Gaming and cornered them in a tight spot while holding on to the high ground.

While three players from Gaimin Gladiators held the front against the two remaining players of BOX, one rotated around the perimeter of the circle to catch them from behind and took them down with a shotgun, resulting in a solid Chicken Dinner for GG.

After a silent start, the sun seems to have set in Riyadh because Vampire Esports ran a rampage through Erangel, securing a total of 21 points, including 11 eliminations to walk away as the proud winners.

Both, Vampire and Alpha7 Esports, two of the most mechanically skilled teams in the tournament were up against each other with their full squads online. They tried to circle around each other and get the upper hand, sending out bursts of gun fire while inching ahead in a bid to get the better positioning. However, Vampire successfully managed to get a hit on Alpha7’s flank and then ran through to take them down without showing any respect.

The third match resulted in yet another victory for Vampire Esports and this was the easiest of the lot for them, playing aggressively early on in the match and then allowing other teams to beat each other down while they maintained complete control over their position.

Second consecutive win for Vampire today and third victory overall, the team from Thailand is leading the overall points table with 129 points to its name, including 45 placement points and 84 eliminations.

They have been the most dominant team up until this point and with the form showcased by them more might follow.

Remaining matches for the day are live across PUBG Mobile Esports channel.