PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 2: Recap, Standings, More

As the prestigious PMWI 2023 Main Stage concluded its second day, the possibility of finding a worthy opponent for Vampire Esports appears to be fading. Currently, Vampire Esports reigns supreme at the top of the leaderboard with an impressive 165 points as the team secured two wins from the day along with more high elimination games. A significant gap of 51 points separates them from the second-placed team, Six To Eight. Trailing behind are Alpha7 and Alter Ego, who have displayed resilience in the face of Vampire’s consistent point accumulation.

Regrettably, for South Asian teams, their favorites, STE and DRS Gaming, have found themselves in the bottom fraggers bracket, leaving them with a sense of disappointment as only six matches remain on the final day.

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 2 – Match Wise Recap

In an intense Sanhok match, the second day of the tournament kicked off with teams displaying relentless energy. Gaimin Gladiators showcased swift rotations and strategic gameplay, ultimately reaching the final circle. They skillfully turned the tables on BOX Gaming, cornering them and securing the high ground advantage.

While three players from Gaimin Gladiators held the front against BOX’s two remaining players, one member strategically maneuvered around the circle to surprise them from behind. With a well-placed shotgun shot, they swiftly eliminated the opponents, earning Gaimin Gladiators a well-deserved Chicken Dinner.

After a quiet start, the battlefield in Riyadh turned into chaos as Vampire Esports unleashed their wrath on Erangel. With a remarkable performance, they amassed a total of 21 points, including 11 eliminations, securing their victory.

The match pitted Vampire Esports, known for their exceptional mechanical skills, against Alpha7 Esports, another formidable team with their full squad intact. Both teams engaged in intense maneuvers, attempting to outmaneuver and outposition each other. In a critical move, Vampire successfully struck at Alpha7’s flank, swiftly eliminating them without hesitation.

In the third match, Vampire Esports continued their winning streak, effortlessly claiming another victory. They showcased an aggressive playstyle early on, allowing other teams to weaken each other while maintaining complete control over their own position.

The circle zeroed in on the very center of Erangel in this match, with the school main building becoming the sole sanctuary for all the teams. Several teams were eliminated by Box Gaming and Dplus KIA, who had fortified themselves on separate floors while vying for this coveted spot. As the final circles closed in, Vampire Esports, barely clinging to survival, met their demise. Despite Dplus KIA having the numbers and securing the most frags, the chaos proved too difficult to navigate as the solo survivor from Reject Scarlet dealt fatal blows from an unexpected angle. This turn of events allowed Alter Ego, who had been camping on the ground floor, to secure the final kill and snatch the chicken dinner away from Dplus KIA.

However, Dplus KIA did not falter in their aggression in the subsequent match. The three-man squad adopted a split formation to seize control of the Miramar circle, successfully surrounding and eliminating team Six Two Eight with ease.

In a similar fashion, Six Two Eight made a comeback in the final match to make up for their previous loss. Holding a small ridge beside the Miramar highway, Vampire Esports employed perfect evasive tactics, securing frags left and right without being detected by any team on higher ground. By the time Six Two Eight redirected their attention to Vampire Esports, their tournament nemesis had already accumulated 16 frags. However, leveraging the ground to their advantage, Six Two Eight prevented Vampire Esports from achieving an even greater game. Ultimately, Six Two Eight earned an astounding 29-point game.

The stage is set for the final day of the PMWI 2023 Main Stage, where the champions will be determined and awarded their share of the impressive USD 2 million prize pool. Join us tomorrow the thrilling match-by-match recap tomorrow.