PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 3: Vampire Closes in on Title Despite Poor Start

The final day of the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2023 (PMWI 2023) has finally kicked off and Vampire Esports is finally showing some signs of mortality. The Thailand-based outfit could only manage two ninth-place finishes with just two eliminations in their opening two matches of the day. While this opened the door for their competitors to potentially mount a comeback, no one capitalized.

Vampire’s biggest contenders for the title, Six Two Eight, also struggled to gain too many points failing to make it count with zero eliminations and a 10th place finish in the first map and five eliminations, and a 13th place finish in the second map.

Mid-Day Recap – PMWI 2023: Main Stage Day 2

With both the table leaders faltering in the first game of the day, Brazillian team Alpha7 Esports made the most of the opportunity, pulling out its best showing yet in this tournament. Although the team could only emerge with a 3rd place finish, the Brazillian stars showed some intense gun power to secure 14 eliminations through the round, securing 19 points from the round and boosting itself into third position on the table.

DRS Gaming has had quite an underwhelming tournament so far. The Nepalese team which was so impressive in the All-Stars phase of the tournament finish in third place had not secured any Chicken Dinners throughout the main stage so far. Their skirmishes have also been quite underwhelming, and hence they’ve only managed to find themselves in the 11th position of the PMWI table.

However, the team finally managed to showcase some of the magic that brought them to the main stage on the final day. With great strategic positioning and tactical prowess, they managed to outmaneuver and outsmart the rest of the playing field to secure a WWCD after beating out Stalwart Esports and Fire Flux Esports in the final circle.

Remaining matches for the day are live on the PUBG Mobile Esports channel.

Stay tuned to find out if Vampire Esports can hold on to the top spot and claim the PMWI 2023 championship as well as $400,000 in prize money as we close out the tournament.