PMWI Casters Speculate About India’s Chances at PMGC 2023 Invite

As the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2023 (PMWI) captivates global audiences, discussions among English commentators have turned to the possibility of India’s participation in the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023 (PMGC). Notable commentators, including Maximillian “Maxman” Barraud, Jason Kaplan, and The7WorldsGaming, have voiced their thoughts on India’s potential return to the competitive scene, specifically referencing the resurgence of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

India’s Potential Chance in PMGC 2023

The English commentators for PMWI include Maximillian “Maxman” Barraud, Jason Kaplan, and The7WorldsGaming. Maxman specifically mentioned the comeback of BGMI while discussing special invites for PMGC 2023, he said: “I think people who have joined PUBG Mobile Esports recently don’t realize like India was a massive powerhouse in PUBG Mobile, and I kinda wonder if that region potentially gonna get an invite.”  The casters recalled that last year India had a slot in PMWI. Team Soul represented India in PMWI 2022, where they secured an eleventh-place finish.

The casters recognized the caliber and talent of Indian players but noted that the region has been absent from global competition. “ India is definitely one of those, where they can throw a big spanner in the works, to some of these teams, the only downside is that they have kind of been out of the works for a while, they have to play a lot to catch up.”

However, the casters acknowledged that these teams have had a drop-off in performance compared to other teams as a result. ”You can see a bit of a drop-off there in performance, but every now and then, if I remember, I think Scout was able to clutch up at one point.” Tanmay “Scout” Singh has represented India multiple times, once with Orange Rock Esports, where they secured second place in PUBG Mobile World League 2020: East,  with 7Sea Esports in PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022: Afterparty Showdown, and with Team IND in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals.

As players continue to play, continuing to have more tournaments in their region. It is gonna allow them to maybe at the potential where they need to be actually to go into the PMGC.”

With India being absent from global tournaments, the players would need to work hard to catch up to the rest of the regions. Despite this, the casters expressed optimism about the possibility of India securing a slot in PMGC,  “Hopefully, they do end up getting an invite, if they do make it into PMGC, they would have half a year to catch up”.

Before the game’s ban, many teams had represented India internationally. Players like Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral and Scout also gained recognition on the international stage. However, since the return of BGMI, we are yet to witness an Indian team competing in international tournaments.