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Pokémon Go: Community Manager Threatened Over Bugs; New Update Adds Guzzlord to Raids, Introduces Zorua & Zoroark


Pokémon Go community manager Kelsey Danger has received “violent threats” because of a bug. To fix the issue, developer Niantic had to disable Bluetooth devices such as Poké Ball Plus and Pokémon Go Plus, which prompted angry players to send threats to Danger.

“Heads up: I deleted the thread from yesterday because I was starting to get violent threats emailed to me,” Danger wrote on Twitter. “I don’t mind chatting about hard topics – especially when I make mistakes – but when we start hitting that level, it’s time to hit the pause button.”

“My favourite threat I received this morning was ‘I’ve found your address in Toronto’,” they continued. “I don’t live in Toronto.”

Pokemon Go Update adds Guzzlord to five-star raids, introduces Zorua and Zoroark

The November 2022 update for Pokémon Go has added Guzzlord to five-star raids. The featured raid will start at November 8 and end at November 23. Guzzlord will also be available during weekly Raid Hour events from November 9 to November 16, 6 PM to 7 PM.

The game has also added Zorua, the Dark-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V. Its evolution, Zoroark, is also added to the game. You can evolve the Tricky Fox Pokémon by earning 50 Zarua candies.

The month of November is also filled with many events, starting with Día de Muertos from November 1 to November 2, then followed by six other events. You can check out the list of events below:

  • Día de Muertos (November 1 – 2)
  • November Community Day Classic – Dratini (November 5)
  • Greedy Gluttons Event (November 9 – 17)
  • November Community Day – Teddiursa (November 12)
  • Elite Raids (November 13)
  • Team GO Rocket Takeover (November 14 – 17)
  • Safari Zone: Singapore (November 18 – 20)
  • Astral Eclipse Event (November 23 – 28)
  • ??? (November 27)

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