Pokemon GO: Genesect (Shock Drive) will now be available as a 5-star raid boss

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Pokemon GO: Genesect (Shock Drive) will now be available as a 5-star raid boss- Trainers can now battle a new 5-star raid boss in Pokemon GO. Genesect (Shock Drive) will appear in the game from now on and will be available from 15th till 24th January. Genesect can hold different drives that allow its move, Techno Blast, to take on different elements. Considering the fact that Genesect is a Bug/Steel-type Pokémon, this mechanic gives this species a lot in variety.

In Pokemon GO, the different drives of Genesect are considered as different species of this Pokemon. The drives, which will change Genesect’s move, can only be differentiated through their colors. The different drives for Techno Blast are:

  • Normal Drive (Orange): Normal-type move
  • Shock Drive (Yellow): Electric-type move
  • Burn Drive (Red): Fire-type move
  • Chill Drive (White): Ice-type move
  • Douse Drive (Blue): Water-type move

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Pokemon GO: Genesect (Shock Drive) will now be available as a 5-star raid boss

Pokemon GO: Genesect (Shock Drive) will now be available as a 5-star raid boss

Pokemon Go: Can we get Shiny Genesect (Shock Drive)?

If you are looking to capture the Shiny Genesect (Shock Drive) by participating in the 5-star raids, we have some bad news. The different drives of Genesect do not come with their Shiny versions. We can confirm this by considering the past events where the other Genesect Drives were released as 5-star raid bosses. You can only capture the Shiny version of Genesect with the standard Normal Drive in Pokemon GO. You can differentiate the Genesects with different drives through the colors.

Pokemon GO: How to defeat the 5-star Genesect (Shock Drive) raid boss?

Irrespective of its drive, a standard Genesect has 47,836 Competition Points (CP) as a 5-star raid boss. If trainers defeat this Pokemon, they have the opportunity to capture it with a strength that varies between 1,833 and 2,395 CP according to its stats. Genesect is a Bug and Steel-type Pokémon, which results in a double weakness to Fire Pokemons. Thus, your Pokemon lineup for the raid is crystal clear must comprise Pokemons with Fire attacks.

Some of the best Fire Pokemons against Genesect are Mega Charizard Y or X, Reshiram, Mega Houndoom, Darmanitan, and Chandelure. You can also use other Pokemons that have strong Fire attacks.

Pokemon GO: 5-star Raid Boss rewards

You will find 5-star raid boss Genesect (Shock Drive) at all gyms in your area. Thus, you have the opportunity to complete numerous fights in a short period of time. 5-star raids give 10,000 experience points (XP) as rewards for a victory along with a chance to capture the raid boss. If you are working on an XP Challenge or want to capture a Genesect (Shock Drive), this is a good way to complete it.

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