Pokemon GO: Top 5 moves to get with Elite Fast TMs

In Pokemon GO, Elite TMs are some of the most sought-after items in the entire game, allowing trainers to teach a Pokemon a new handpicked move.

When it comes to fast moves in particular, there is a massive amount in the game. Each Pokemon has different moves available to it, and picking the right one can be difficult as Pokemon GO players likely won’t want to waste an Elite TM.

Fast move selection will also depend on whether players are participating in PvE activities such as raids, Team GO Rocket battles, or PvP activities such as gym battles or Pokemon GO’s Battle League. Nevertheless, there are still great moves that meet both activities.

Pokemon GO: Top moves that can fit both PvP and PvE

#5 – Rock Throw

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

A reliable move that deals stable Damage Per Second (DPS) and also builds good energy in Pokemon GO, Rock Throw is also super-effective against many of the Flying-type Pokemon in the current meta.

Not only this, it works very well against Bug, Fire, and Ice-type Pokemon. For Pokemon like Moltres, who is both Fire and Flying-type, Rock Throw can be a nightmare in both raids and battles for the 256% damage the move can deal to it.

Dealing 12 damage in PvE and eight in PvP, Rock Throw can deal decent damage in a neutral situation. Coupled with its relatively quick animation time and energy buildup, Rock Throw holds its own in any arena with the right Pokemon using it.

#4 – Scratch

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Although it won’t win any type advantages, Scratch is a staple energy building move while still doing solid damage due to the quickness the move deploys and animates. While only dealing six and four damage in PvE and PvP, respectively, it builds energy quickly due to its animation speed.

Pokemon GO players will want to avoid using it against Rock, Steel, and Ghost-type Pokemon. Especially Ghost-types, who get a substantial reduction in damage against Normal-type attacks, making them hit at only 39.1% effectiveness. Against any other type omitting those three, however, Scratch can rack up decent damage and help power up those much-needed charged moves.

#3 – Dragon Tail

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

It was only natural that a Dragon-type move would make the list, as Dragon-type moves are some of Pokemon GO’s deadliest and most efficient. In this case, Dragon Tail has very good damage at 15 in PvE and 13 in PvP.

It also builds nine energy per hit, making it a good charged move builder as well. Dragon Tail’s only super-effective type matchup is against other Dragon-type Pokemon, but its efficiency is still great in a neutral space where there are no type resistances to it.

#2 – Razor Leaf

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

The bane of many Pokemon GO Battle League players in particular, Razor Leaf is still one of the best fast moves pound-for-pound in most situations. Dealing 13 damage in PvE and 10 in PvP, it holds one of the higher damage per second/turn totals for all fast moves. It is a decent energy builder at seven per hit in PvE or four per hit in PvP.

The real upside to this move is its 1,000 millisecond animation speed and its effectiveness in several type matchups, beating out Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokemon with relative ease. Even in a neutral-type situation, Razor Leaf can shred opponents not prepared for it.

#1 – Charm

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

It takes a little bit to spool up with its animation, but Charm hits hard and builds good energy to boot. Its status as a Dark, Fighting, and Dragon-type Pokemon counter makes Charm one of Pokemon GO’s best moves, especially for Fairy-type Pokemon in particular.

With 20 damage in PvE and 16 in PvP, this move certainly doesn’t lack for damage. Its energy buildup at 11 and six per hit, depending on the mode, makes it solid at getting to the needed charged move activation as well. Although it may not be the best fast move in Pokemon GO, Charm can be incredibly useful in most situations for the right Pokemon.

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