Pokemon Sleep Cooking Recipes

While players are sleeping, Snorlax does his job of attracting Pokemon to their camps. He does so using his intrinsic power of drowsiness, known as Drowsy Power. While this power comes naturally to him, players can do a number of things in order to increase this power to amplify their chances of catching many Pokemon. This includes feeding Snorlax berries and meals throughout the day. 

Here is everything you need to know about Pokemon Sleep Cooking Recipes in order to boost your chances of catching them.

Uses of Recipes in Pokemon Sleep

Every recipe will require different ingredients. Don’t forget to befriend the fellow Pokemon that make camp at your campsite. They can be quite helpful in collecting and gathering different ingredients for salads, curries and other meals.

After a few days of starting the game, players will be able to experiment with different ingredients and create their own recipes. This is generally considered to be better than auto-cooking since players can mix and match ingredients as well as gain a higher percentage of Drowsy Power. 

This is particularly advantageous because the higher the Drowsy Power, the rarer the Pokemon Snorlax catches for you. This also allows you to discover unique sleep styles.