Pokemon UNITE Club Membership: Features, Discounts, Perks Explained

Pokemon UNITE Club Membership: Features, Discounts, Perks Explained


Pokemon UNITE released a new feature titled UNITE Club membership. This new monthly subscription service offers a wide variety of rewards and perks for players such as exclusive items, discounts, trials, and free Aeos Gems every day. For only $9.99 USD (₱499 PHP) per month, players can also gain access to members-only content such as weekly and monthly trial Holowears and exclusive chat features. However, the Pokemon UNITE Club membership rewards can only be acquired on the platform where players purchased the monthly subscription. This means, if they purchased it on a mobile device, players won’t be able to claim the rewards if they login to other devices such as the Nintendo Switch.

Pokemon UNITE Club Membership details

Players can only redeem their reward for Holowear of the Month at the time they subscribed. This means if they signed up on 16th May, players will have to wait until 16th June to redeem their new Holowear reward.

Rewards and Perks for subscribing

  • First-time membership bonus: Hoopa Fashion Set

  • Holowear of the Month (Redeemable once per month when your subscription renews)

  • Trial Unite Licenses: Two per week

  • Trial Holowear: Two per week

  • Members-only Avatar portrait frames and chat speech bubbles

  • 10 percent discount for new Fashion items for seven days after release

  • Discounts can’t be stacked with other discounts

  • 40 Aeos Gems per day

Exclusive content renewal times vary depending on the content;

  • Additional Trial Unite Licenses: added every Monday

  • Additional Trial Holowear: added every Monday

  • Holowear of the Month: refreshes on the first day of each month

Players won’t be able to choose which Trial Unite Licenses or Holowear they acquire through the Pokemon UNITE Club membership as they will be given at random. However, if players receive a duplicate for something they already own, it shall be converted into something else.

How to cancel Pokemon UNITE Club membership

As a subscription service, the game will automatically renew the membership each month. For players who no longer wish to renew the service, players can unsubscribe by doing the following;

For Nintendo Switch

For iOS Device

  • Open the Settings app and select your account (tap your name and Apple ID at the top).

  • Select Subscriptions.

  • Choose the subscription you want to manage.

  • Select Cancel Subscription.

For Android Device

  • Open the Google Play

  • Select the profile icon in the upper right corner.

  • Select Payments & subscriptions, then Subscriptions.

  • Select a subscription to cancel.

  • Select Cancel subscription.

The Pokemon UNITE Club membership does not provide players with combat advantages as this was one of the concerns back when the new feature was introduced. Instead, players who subscribe will get a chance to try a wide variety of Holowears for a limited-time and see if they would want to own it permanently along with earning a ton of premium currency, Aeos Gems, every day.


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