Pokemon UNITE Patch Full Notes and Updates


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The Pokemon UNITE patch full notes have dropped, revealing a ton of adjustments for various Pokemon in the game. A few bug fixes for the ongoing Halloween event have also been implemented. Players will have to download the Pokemon UNITE patch update and restart the app afterwards in order to play the game. The Pokemon UNITE patch update is relatively small compared to other patch updates as it is mostly just about balance changes and bug fixes for the game along with refinement for the ongoing in-game event, the Pokemon UNITE Halloween Festival.

Pokemon UNITE patch Bug Fixes

Halloween in Mer Stadium!

Mer Stadium takes on a fun new look for a limited time! During this time, pumpkins can be used instead of battle items in Mer Stadium. Toss these pumpkins at opposing Pokémon to stick them on those Pokémon’s heads!

The event is currently ongoing and will last until 7th Nov 2021.

Trick or UNITE!

A few bug fixes and content updates have been added. However, TiMi Studios did not reveal the specific details about the bug fixes and updates.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Text Fixes

  • Event Updates

  • Shop Updates

Pokemon UNITE patch Pokemon Balance Changes

Various Pokemon received a few balance changes to help them keep up with the current meta of the game. One of the most overpowered Pokemon in the game, Venusaur also received major nerfs to his survivability in exchange for a bit of firepower.



Volt Tackle




Base Stats


Hydro Pump

Water Spout

Unite Move: Hydro Typhoon


Giga Drain

Solar Beam


Base Stats


Unite Move: Aura Cannon


Basic Attack

Dragon Rush


Wild Charge+




Gale Wings


Sucker Punch

Pokemon UNITE patch Stadium Changes

Various neutral Pokemon in the stadium have also received a few adjustments to their stats.

Remoat Stadium: Zapdos

Remoat Stadium: Drednaw

Remoat Stadium: Rotom

  • The following stats have been increased: Attack, HP

  • Movement speed changed.

  • The effect that makes goal zones defenseless strengthened.

It will be interesting to see how much of an impact this patch update will have for the current meta of Pokemon UNITE.

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