Pokemon UNITE Patch Full Notes and Updates

The Pokemon UNITE Patch update has been released for all regions to download. The update contains balance changes for various playable Pokemon and their Unite Moves or abilities in the game. The patch notes also mentioned a few bugs and text fixes that have been implemented. The Pokemon UNITE Patch update is a relatively small update compared to other patch updates. However, it contains a ton of important bug fixes and balance changes that may shake up the meta.Â

Players are required to download the update in order to play the game. If there is no patch update for the game, players are advised to restart the game in order for the download to start.

Confuse Ray’s ability to hinder opponents was too powerful and has been nerfed.

Confuse Ray


Dragon Pulse’s ability to concentrate damage was too powerful, while Dragon Tail and Revolving Ruin’s ability to defend the user was too powerful. These have been nerfed accordingly.

Dragon Tail

Dragon Pulse

Revolving Ruin

Shield effect: reduced by 15%

Movement speed decrease for opposing Pokémon that touch the burning ring: reduced by about 20%


The mobility granted by Agility was too high and has been nerfed. Jump Kick has been buffed to allow Dodrio to leap more during battle.


Jump Kick


Water Pulse’s offensive and defensive capabilities were too powerful, so it has been nerfed.

Water Pulse


Buzzwole previously took too long to reach its full potential, so its Ability has been adjusted to help it become a more active participant in the battle. Certain moves have been nerfed to balance this change.

Beast Boost

Pyro Ball, which leaves the user very exposed, has been buffed so that it can deal a suitable amount of damage.

Pyro Ball


Liquidation has been buffed so that Rapid Strike Style Urshifu can stay in fights longer.




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