Pokémon UNITE Reveal Sylveon’s Arrival in the Game Soon


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Fans can expect Sylveon to arrive in Pokémon UNITE on 5th Oct 2021, as revealed by the official Twitter post. TiMi Studios did not reveal many details about the new pokemon other than it is designed as a ranged attacker and its abilities revolve around “scorch, smooch, and stare down opponents”. Despite this, fans have begun speculating what these moves could be by taking the hints and connecting the dots from previous Pokemon titles. Sylveon is the Fairy-type evolution of Eevee, one of the most iconic Pokemon in the video game franchise that can evolve into different types depending on specific conditions.

Eevee’s Fairy-type evolution Sylveon arrives in Pokémon UNITE on 5th October

The upcoming Pokemon was first teased through the content preview back on 18th Aug 2021. The latest teaser trailer that was posted on the official Twitter page finally revealed Sylveon’s release date which is on 5th October.

The trailer did not reveal the complete details of the new Pokemon’s moves, but players will be able to get an idea of what Sylveon’s abilities are through the brief glimpse in the video.

According to data miners, Sylveon starts in its base form, Eevee, and evolves as the game progresses. Based on the preview provided by data miner, , Sylveon’s moves in Pokemon Unite are Swift, Baby-Doll Eyes, Mystical Fire, Hyper Voice, Draining Kiss, Calm Mind, and the unite move, Fairy Frolic.

Pokémon UNITE Sylveon Abilities

Here is a summary of Sylveon’s moves in the game;


Shoots star-shaped rays at opposing Pokemon that deal damage.

Mystical Fire (Swift Upgrade Path 1)

Create four small flames while advancing in a target location. The flames shoot towards an enemy one by one, dealing damage and decreasing the opponent’s Special (Sp.) Attack. Each successful hit from the flames will reduce this ability’s cooldown.

Hyper Voice (Swift Upgrade Path 2)

Attacks with multiple soundwaves that deal more damage depending on how farther the enemies are. Every time a sound wave hits an opponent, the damage of the succeeding sound waves increases. There are a total of 6 waves per ability cast.

Baby-Doll Eyes

Sylveon stares at an opponent, dealing damage and decreasing an opponent’s attack and movement speed.

Draining Kiss (Baby-Doll Eyes Upgrade Path 1)

Blows a kiss on an opponent that goes back and forth between Sylveon and the enemy multiple times. Sylveon heals each time the kiss travels back while the enemy receives damage and decreases its movement speed. The kiss can do three full rotations per ability cast.

Calm Mind (Baby-Doll Eyes Upgrade Path 2)

Increases Sylveon’s Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and movement speed for a short time.

Unite Move: Fairy Frolic

Jump into the air and briefly become invincible. When Sylveon finally lands, deal damage to surrounding opponents and recover health. For a short time, a set percentage of the damage dealt by Sylveon will also be recovered as HP.

Given how iconic Eevee and its evolutions are in the Pokemon franchise, it will be interesting to see Sylveon and the rest of the evolutions be added to Pokémon UNITE in the future.

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