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Pokemon UNITE S12 Battle Pass Reveal Gengar and Gardevoir Christmas Holowear


Pokemon UNITE leaks reveal Christmas-themed cosmetics will soon arrive as part of the Season 12 Battle Pass rewards. Data miners have uncovered several hints that the next set of rewards for the upcoming season will feature Holowears for the two Pokemon Gengar and Gardevoir. Various Christmas-themed cosmetics for the players’ in-game avatar may also be obtainable through the Pokemon UNITE Season 12 Battle Pass. The exact release date for the upcoming Battle Pass is yet to be revealed. However, it is expected to arrive sometime in December as the game celebrates the holiday season with a ton of in-game content.

Pokemon UNITE Season 12 Battle Pass Leaked

The featured rewards for the upcoming Pokemon UNITE Season 12 Battle Pass have been revealed through an unlisted video from the Japanese YouTube channel of the game.

In the video, rewards such as two Holowears and a character costume have been revealed as well as other gameplay footage of the said cosmetics.

Gengar’s Holowear sports a Christmas hat and a red backpack shaped like a giant sock. However, the highlight of the video is Gardevoir’s Christmas Holowear which features an elegant dress and amazing winter visual effects that may be inspired by Snow Maiden folklore from various cultures.

Character costumes are also revealed in the video featuring white, black, and red versions for both male and female variants. Other cosmetics such as custom backgrounds and stickers will also be made available in the Battle Pass alongside the usual rewards such as Aeos coins and tickets.

According to the video, the Pokemon UNITE Season 12 Battle Pass is scheduled to be released on 1st December at 1:00 PM (Japan Time). However, this information is yet to be officially revealed in the global version of the game. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the near future.

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