Pokemon UNITE Winter Holiday Events 2022 Revealed

Pokemon UNITE Winter Holiday Events 2022 Revealed

Pokemon UNITE has officially revealed its plans for the upcoming Winter Holiday Events. The upcoming update will deliver a ton of exciting content such as new cosmetics for both Pokemon and Trainer avatars, in-game challenges, a seasonal map, and more. Players who log in every day for the first three weeks will also receive a special gift through the log-in attendance event. An event calendar has also been revealed to give players a sneak peek at what to expect in the upcoming Pokemon UNITE Winter Holiday Event 2022. The iconic Shivre City Map will also be making a comeback for players to enjoy.

Pokemon UNITE Winter Holiday Events set to kick off on 1st December

The Pokemon UNITE Winter Holiday Events will officially start on 1st December featuring a ton of month-long events for players to enjoy.

The event calendar reveals the return of the Snowball Battle featuring the Shivre City map. Players can play on the winter-themed map and complete seasonal missions. The prize pool for the upcoming seasonal event is yet to be revealed.

A holiday login event will also be released where players can simply log in every day to claim rewards. The rewards are yet to be revealed but fans speculate that it could be a new cosmetic or a free UNITE license to unlock a Pokemon.

The Illumination Challenge will also return in Pokemon UNITE. This fun little challenge tasks players into earning enough points to light up a Christmas tree and earn milestone rewards. 

Not much is known about the Aurora Ranked Matches in Pokemon UNITE. However, fans speculate that it may just be the ranked game mode but changed to the Shivre City map. The Aurora Challenge Event may also be a set of special tasks that reward players with more in-game loot including Holowears and Trainer avatars cosmetics.

For the first week of December, players can take advantage of a special discount for purchasing Aeos Gems in Pokemon UNITE. More details about the discount event will be revealed at a later date.

It looks like players will definitely get busy in the upcoming Pokemon UNITE Winter Holiday event. It will be interesting to see what more surprises await players for this winter season.


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