Pokimane Twitch Quit Drama: Poki reveals what made her change her mind from quitting Twitch

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Twitch is growing into a popular platform as more people join the community. However, that doesn’t stop hate raids, harassments and online trolls from taking place on the purple platform, where big stars like Pokimane also don’t get spared. Putting up with the online trolls and hate got difficult to the point to which Pokimane wanted to quit the platform, but one big change on the purple platform last year stopped her from doing so. Pokimane Twitch Quit Drama, Twitch streamer Pokimane, Pokimane on quitting Twitch, Pokimane faces online hate, Pokimane upset at trolls, Twitch’s online harassment

Pokimane is known for sharing her thoughts and feelings with her fans, but the recent revelation from their queen had taken them by shock. She disclosed how crumpled she felt with all the negativity and trolling around, but the influx of female content creators on the platform instilled in her the hopes to stick longer.

Watch the clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/FunExpensivePeafowlKAPOW-6BoudI1YeLtNxZDb

“I was going to quit, as soon as this year,” she admitted.“I was debating whether I wanted to say this,” she said. “But, if it wasn’t for that influx of diversity through female fans, streamers, people of color, and other minorities, inside the last year or two of the pandemic, I would have retired from streaming”, she added.“I very likely would have,” Pokimane reaffirmed.

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This came at a time when a few days back she had been a target to such online trolls following which she had to shut down her stream. She also had to face immense hate and backlash as controversy unfolded with her Twitch ban. Many streamers have shown their solidarity to support her cause and condemn the “sexist harassment”. Pokimane further elaborated,“At some point, it’s just like, f**k this sh*t. I want to have fun! I want to hang out, I just want to play some games with my fans. It’s not that deep! I don’t mean for that to be sad, but that’s how I was feeling.”

Pokimane said, “Not that it’s behavior we should normalize, but I’m, unfortunately, really used to having incels and misogynists in my chat. It’s so disappointing.” As rightly pointed out by many streamers and viewers that Twitch has to step in to curb hate raids.

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