Poll: Have you upgraded to Windows 11 yet?


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Windows 11 has been out for a month now, although it seems like some consumers are still understandably confused by Microsoft’s murky system requirements.

Nevertheless, the new platform brings some interesting additions. We’ve got Android app support (albeit for Insiders right now), a redesigned start menu and taskbar, and new window snap layouts. Have these additions pushed you to update to Windows 11? Let us know by taking the poll below.

On the one hand, we could understand why you haven’t done so already. Windows 11 has some confusing, somewhat stringent system requirements, which means it isn’t as accessible as Windows 10. The update also brings different aesthetics, which might not be to some people’s liking. Then there’s the fact that gaming performance is reportedly hobbled in some cases too.

On the other hand, we’re sure there are plenty of people who like the visual overhaul brought by Windows 11. Toss in the aforementioned Android app support, upgraded native apps, and deeper integration with Microsoft services, and there’s a fair amount to like here.

So have you taken the plunge yet? Give us your answer via the poll above and leave a comment if you have more on your mind.

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Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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