Popular anime characters with heterochromatic eyes

anime characters with heterochromatic eyes

Anime is once again gaining popularity among youngsters along with adults and old age people. It is not just a program for kids, but it has more sentimental value than any other form of video entertainment in the world.

A lot of people might argue that anime does not have enough video quality as compared to movies or web series, but they have stronger stories, and it is enough to attract millions of people each year. Every popular anime in the world is going to have a great story and amazing characters. The creators of anime use several tricks to attract viewers, such as heterochromatic eyes.

There are tons of popular anime characters with heterochromatic eyes. It is very hard to find a person with this condition in real life. And the creative team of several anime uses this USP in their characters. Today, we will take a look at the most popular anime characters with heterochromatic eyes.

Here Are The Popular Anime Characters With Heterochromatic Eyes 2022

Kakashi Hatake

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Kakashi Hatake is probably one of the most popular characters with heterochromatic eyes. He plays an important character in Naruto and is also one of the most talented ninjas. Kakashi Hatake has a dull shade of Gray. On the other hand, the left eye is red with a black dot.

There is a unique story behind his eyes. As per the story, during the third world war in the Anime, Kakashi was badly injured, and he also lost his eye, which possesses Sharingan. Due to the damage, his original eye was removed and replaced with the eye of this Childhood friend.

Ken Kaneki

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In the list of most criticized anime in the world, Tokyo Ghoul might top that list. There are a huge number of fans who do not like the show, but you will appreciate the work of the creators after taking a look at Ken Kaneki. When he turned half Ghoul, his left eye turned pitch black, and his pupil appeared bright red. At the same time, his other eye remained as it was.

Obanai Iguro

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Obanai Iguro is an important part of the anime demon Slayer, who also has heterochromatic eyes. He is the Serpent Hashira in the anime who has his left eye in a warm golden yellow color and right eye in a distinct royal blue. He will usually wear only black and white and very basic pattern clothes in the anime.

Iguro is a unique character as compared to any other character in any anime. It has already been revealed that he is more or less blind in his right eye. He has a pet Serpent who serves as his right eye and possesses a unique ability that can allow Iguro to predict and target its attacks.

Shoto Todoroki

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A socially awkward character from my hero academia, Shoto Todoroki, is also a popular anime character with heterochromatic eyes. You might be surprised to know that he also has half-white and half-red hair, which represents the combination of his parents.

Shoto Todoroki has a brownish dark gray right Eye and a bright turquoise blue-colored left eye. He also has unique powers in the anime. He is half hot and half old, which makes him one of the toughest heroes.


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Mahito from one of the most popular anime, jujitsu kaisen, also has heterochromatic eyes. He has one dark blue eye and one dark gray eye. In the anime, he also has a patchwork appearance, which compliments his heterochromia. He is also an immature cursed spirit, and sorcerers are warned to look out for him.


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Similar to other popular anime characters with heterochromatic Eyes, Ciel From black Butler also keeps his One eye hidden from everyone. He is famous for his role in the enemy, but he also has a right eye in teal blue color and a left eye in Pitch Black color with a pentagon.

Seijuro Akashi

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Seijuro Akashi Is a popular character from Kuroko’s Basketball. In the Anime, Seijuro Akashi is known to have great leadership qualities and dual-colored Eyes. Seijuro Akashi Is known to have a unique feature in Anime as his eye colors can change based on his personality. For example, when he is normal, both of his eyes are going to be Red-Maroon. On the other hand, he is going to have a red-colored right eye and an orange-colored left eye when he is in his second personality.

Isaac Foster

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Zach, Who is also known as Isaac Foster, is one of the biggest characters in Angels of death. He is also among the most popular anime characters with heterochromatic Eyes. In the anime, he was first introduced as an enemy, but by that time, he had become a great ally. He is a professional serial killer who is on the Run due to recent murder cases.

Along with his heterochromatic eyes, he also has Anisocoria. It is a condition that can cause your eyes to dilate unequally. His left eye will appear light brown, and his right eye will appear light orange in the Anime.

Elizabeth Liones

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Seven Deadly Sins is among the most thoughtful and beautiful anime based on incarnation. one of the Important characters of the anime, Elizabeth Liones, who is the 107th and current incarnation of goddess Elizabeth also possesses heterochromatic Eyes. Elizabeth Liones did not have heterochromatic eyes when she was first born. In the story, when she realized that she had goddess power at a young age, her one eye changed and turned into a bright orange color. Her other eye stayed the same blue color.

Mei Misaki

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Another is among the few anime or Video entertainment programs which are based on a female protagonist, Mei Misaki. She is a school student who has been labeled by her classmates as “the one that does not exist.” Mei Misaki also possesses heterochromatic Eyes, with the right eye in a deep shade of Scarlet red and the left eye being in green color. During the whole anime, she is going to keep her green eyes behind an eye patch. The eye she keeps hidden is a prosthetic.