Popular PUBG Mobile Streamer Powerbang’s Voice Pack: How to Get It for Free

PUBG Mobile loves to engage with its fans and audience by constantly pushing out various updates for the mobile battle royale. These changes are implemented in the form of gameplay updates, rolling out new features, various collaborations, limited-time themed content, and much more.

This time the developers have rolled out something special for the PUBG Mobile audience, adding the voice pack of a popular content creator and YouTuber, Lance “Powerbang” Frisbee, one of the community’s leading personalities.

With the fourth-anniversary celebration headed towards PUBG Mobile and the latest 1.9 Update also being rolled out by the developers, Powerbang’s voice pack is clearly a cherry on top that players can claim for absolutely free by following the instructions mentioned below.

How to obtain Powerbang’s voice pack for free in PUBG Mobile

Earlier today on 21st March, PUBG Mobile officially announced the release of the PUBG Mobile voice pack dedicated to the popular YouTube content creator Powerbang. The whole community was excited by this announcement, especially due to the fact that it can be obtained by all players for absolutely free!

To ensure this, the developers have incorporated Powerbang’s voice pack into a new PUBG Mobile in-game event, giving players an opportunity to get their hands on it for free by simply accomplishing all the tasks mentioned as part of the limited time event.

The ‘Powerbang’s Voice Pack Store’ event in PUBG Mobile is already live and will be taking place till 20th April, giving players an opportunity to get their hands on all three versions of the voice pack – Basic, Enhanced, Mythic.

For all those interested, here are the complete details about the event and rewards.

By simply logging into the PUBG Mobile game players will be entitled to receive various rewards like,

  • Day 1: Powerbang Coin x 1

  • Day 2: Powerbang Coin x 5, Crystal x 1

  • Day 3: Powerbang Coin x 10, Ace Gold x 100

  • Day 4: Powerbang Coin x 15, Supply Crate Scrap x 3

  • Day 5: Powerbang Voice Pack – Basic Version (Permanent)

Here all PUBG Mobile players can come and exchange their items for certain rewards during the event.

  • Supply Crate Scraps

    Players can exchange their Powerbang Coins to receive supply crate scraps, one coin for two scraps. This reward can be redeemed only twice.

  • Powerbang Space Gift

    This unique item is being offered to all PUBG Mobile players in exchange for 20 Powerbang coins. It can be used to increase an in-game friend’s popularity by 200 and one can only redeem it twice.

  • Basic Voice Pack

    The basic edition of Powerbang’s voice pack is worth 50 Powerbang coins and can be claimed by exchanging the said number of items.

  • Enhanced Voice Pack

    To get their hands on the enhanced version of Powerbang’s voice pack, PUBG Mobile players are required to claim it by exchanging 150 Powerbang Coins.

  • Mythic Voice Pack

    In order to obtain the most valuable and sought after item which is a part of this PUBG Mobile event, Powerbang’s mythic voice pack, players will have to claim it by exchanging 400 Powerbang Coins.

These set of missions need to be completed by all PUBG Mobile players in the classic mode to gain some great rewards.

  • Deal a total of 200 damage: Powerbang Space Gift x 1, Battle Points x 1000

  • Deal a total of 400 damage: Powerbang Coin x 10

  • Deal a total of 600 damage: Powerbang Space Gift x 1

  • Deal a total of 800 damage: Powerbang Coin x 10

  • Deal a total of 1000 damage: Powerbang Coin x 30, PP Bizon Skin (3 Days)

PUBG Mobile players that want to get their hands on the various versions of Powerbang’s voice pack need to log into the game daily to claim certain rewards, while also hustling in classic mode to attain some extra Powerbang Coins that can be exchanged to redeem attractive rewards.

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