PS5’s Share Factory Studio Adds HDR Support, Doubles Clip Count In New Update

PS5’s Share Factory Studio Adds HDR Support, Doubles Clip Count In New Update

Share Factory Studio users have reason to rejoice as a brand-new update to the PlayStation 5’s internal video editing software has been released, bringing with it more ways for aspiring video editors to make their gameplay shine starting today.

The lays out all of the new features coming to Share Factory Studio through this new update, including a highly-requested increase in both the amount of clips allowed per project and the number of transitions between them. Both clips and transitions have increased by 50 on the main editing track, to 100 and 99 respectively.

“We have been blown away by the creativity and how players were using the app ever since,” Stuart Platt, Senior Producer of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in the blog post. “Since then, we’ve listened to the PlayStation community’s feedback and incorporated ongoing improvements and enhancements to SHAREfactory over the years to make the editing experience a smooth one for gamers.”

The update also allows Share Factory Studio to use HDR screenshots for the first time, while also adding indicators on the editing tracks for HD, 4K, and HDR clips to let the user know what format each clip is using. Videos can also now be created with up to 4K resolution at 60 FPS and HDR enabled. Music track counts have also been increased to 24, up from 12 in the previous version. Likewise, the number of transitions allowed in Track 2 has also increased from 10 to 20.

Share Factory Studio was included on the PlayStation 5’s hard drive at launch as a free service when the console launched back in November. This marks the first time the service has been updated in the console’s five months on the market.

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