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PUBG Mobile 2.3 update: Expected features, release date, and time for all regions


Tencent and Krafton have been relatively consistent while pushing updates for PUBG Mobile. Players witness the rollout of new content with minor updates every now and then, while game officials push a new patch every two months for each PUBG Mobile server.

2022 started with the launch of 1.8 in January, while developers rolled out the last patch update, 2.2, in September. Therefore, the forthcoming main update for PUBG Mobile, i.e., the 2.3 version, will be the final patch release of 2022 and will launch in November.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 patch is expected to roll out in mid-November


The social media handles of the game have been posting multiple promos related to future content, including the upcoming 2.3 update. Therefore, one should expect the launch to happen in a few days.

Although game officials are yet to make any announcements related to the release date or schedule, fans should expect the rollout to start on November 15 or 16. Furthermore, the rollout will take around two days to reach 100%.

Considering the schedule followed by the developers while launching the previous updates, 2.3 is also likely to slowly roll out on the expected date between 7 am and 11 am (UTC + 0). Still, it may conclude at different paces across different servers.

However, fans can get the exact release date, time, and rollout schedule in the upcoming days via PUBG Mobile’s social media accounts or the official Discord server.

Expected features of the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update

Players can expect the following additions to the game after the 2.3 patch update:

Football Carnival, PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup, and Lionel Messi collaboration


As seen in the preview of the November update, the new PUBGM Global Chicken Cup will arrive alongside football-themed content to commemorate the contemporary FIFA World Cup 2022. Players will get to witness a virtual football theme park or arena, where they will be able to loot different accessories and compete against one another.

Besides fighting the enemies, players will also witness various interactive features. The themed mode, Football Mania, will be a part of Argentinian legend Lionel Messi’s collaboration with the game. The collaborative event, also known as Football Carnival, and other content will go online in the second half of November.

As part of the collaboration, developers will also introduce Messi’s Golden Boots, which one will be able to use on the battlefield and the football pitch. The new shoes will offer exceptional buff in sprinting speed, while players will also be able to kick during the game.

Here are the highlights of the upcoming football-themed content in the game:

  • Maps for the football-themed mode: Erangel, Nusa, Livik
  • New Tactical Item – Messi’s Golden Shoes
  • New Throwable – Football
  • New Football-themed vehicle
  • New Themed Area – Football Carnival
  • Football pitches across the battlefield
  • Football-themed Spawn Island

New Aftermath content


The game’s popular Aftermath map will also receive new optimizations and additions via the upcoming 2.3 patch. The revamped version of the map, Aftermath 2.0, will have the following highlights in terms of features and changes:

  • Upgrades to armor and firearms
  • Introduction of new energy and gameplay mechanics
  • New optimizations to consumables
  • Addition of new bunkers
  • Treasure Maps
  • Semi Truck as a new vehicle
  • Availability of Medicine Cabinet
  • New Guard Posts
  • Introduction of Recall Towers
  • Shop Recall
  • Addition of new weather effects in Livik to enhance the visual experience

Besides the Aftermath, Classic Erangel will also receive some adjustments regarding stages and mechanics. Readers will be able to learn more about the upcoming through future announcements.

Note: The release date mentioned in the article is mere speculation, and players should wait for the official announcement. However, one can expect the update to arrive before November 20. Besides the release date, Indian players should note that this article is not meant for BGMI, as the game is still blocked in India.

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