PUBG Mobile 2.3 update release date and time for all regions


PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest names in the mobile gaming market. The popular Battle Royale title has an extensive playerbase which is spread across the globe.

To provide them with the best BR experience, the developers of the title, Tencent Games and Krafton Inc., incorporate new updates at periodic intervals. These updates bring along several new additions and changes to the game.

After a long beta testing period, the developers have given a green signal for the release of the 2.3 update. This will be the title’s last major update in 2022, and gamers are eagerly waiting to experience the new features.

When will the new 2.3 update be released for PUBG Mobile?

Following the huge success of the 2.2 update, the developers are set to release version 2.3 of PUBG Mobile.

The developers took to PUBG Mobile’s official Discord server a few hours ago to announce the release date and timing of the new 2.3 update.

The update will begin to roll out on devices globally on November 15 at 7:00 (UTC+0). However, different platforms have different timings. Here’s a look at the different release dates and timings (in UTC+0) across different platforms:

  • Google Play Store: November 17, 04:00
  • Apple Store: November 17, 01:30
  • APK: November 17, 01:45
PUBG Mobile 2.3 update will begin to roll out in a few hours (Image via Discord)
PUBG Mobile 2.3 update will begin to roll out in a few hours (Image via Discord)

Similarly, different regions have different release dates and timings (in UTC+0). Here’s an overview of them:

  • Vietnam: November 15, 11:00:
  • Taiwan: November 16, 09:00
  • Korea and Japan: November 16, 02:00
  • Globally: November 17, 01:30

However, unlike in the past, the November 2.3 update does not require in-game servers to be taken offline.

While the update size for Android devices is 688 MB, iOS device users will need to download the update with a size of 1.84 GB. Users will need to keep adequate free space on their devices for the new content to work smoothly.

Users should either have sufficient mobile data or connect their devices to a Wi-Fi network for a hassle-free installation of the 2.3 update.

Due to the game’s prevailing restriction of not allowing users with different variants to play together, gamers will need to ensure their in-game friends have the 2.3 update installed as well.

PUBG 2.3 update new features and changes

1) PUBG Mobile global Chicken Cup, Football Carnival, along with Lionel Messi collaboration

The update will see the game’s collaboration with legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi.

Furthermore, there will be a Football Mania themed mode and PUBGM Global Chicken Cup to celebrate the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

Here’s an overview of the upcoming football-themed content in the BR game:

  • Football-themed mode in Erangel, Nusa, Livik
  • New Tactical Item – Messi’s Golden Shoes
  • New Throwable – Football
  • New Football-themed vehicle
  • New Themed Area – Football Carnival
  • Football pitches across the battlefield
  • Football-themed Spawn Island

2) Aftermath 2.0


Aftermath 2.0 will have the following new features and changes:

  • Upgrades to armor and firearms
  • Introduction of new energy and gameplay mechanics
  • New optimizations to consumables
  • Addition of new bunkers
  • Treasure Maps
  • Semi Truck as a new vehicle
  • Availability of Medicine Cabinet
  • New Guard Posts
  • Introduction of Recall Towers
  • Shop Recall

Changes have also been made to the classic mode, weapons, UI, and social systems to further enhance the game’s quality and user experience.

Note: PUBG Mobile has been banned in India since September 2020. Players hailing from this region are recommended not to download or play the title.

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