PUBG Mobile 2.7: Top Tips and Tricks for PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Mode

The PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Collaboration introduces a new mode called “Battle Royale”, featuring a Dragon Ball Super theme with a brand new anime-style map. Players can now dive into the action as iconic characters from the series, including Goku, Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, and Frieza, each equipped with unique abilities and attacks. This guide contains things you must know so that you can dominate the all new mode in PUBG Mobile.

Master the Abilities of Iconic Characters

Goku’s special skills include firing Kaiden for explosive damage and a high-speed dash to dodge enemy attacks. Vegeta’s mid-range attacks involve firing Kaitan and unleashing powerful Kai blasts. Ultimate Gohan continuously fires Kaiden, charges up for a devastating Kaiden blast, and activates a defensive cyclone barrier. Piccolo excels in long-range attacks with energy waves and a powerful charged attack. Frieza’s close to mid-range attacks utilize Kaitan blasts and an explosive charged attack, with an ultimate skill that allows a precise location-based impact.

Watch this Video Below for a detailed Guide on the abilities of Each Character

Upgrade Your Skills and Explore the Map

The Dragon Ball Super mode comes with unique loot items, chests, and airdrops on its own anime-style map. Collect spirit crystals to upgrade your character’s attack levels, and equip attachments like the Kai Necklace and Range Ring for enhanced performance. Utilize teleportation portals and blue glowing circles to boost flying capabilities temporarily.

Who is the Best Dragon Ball Character?

Among the five iconic characters, Ultimate Gohan stands out with non-stop firing standard attacks, a powerful charged attack, and a protective shield ability. Players can choose their favorite character based on playstyle preferences and unleash their full potential in the thrilling Dragon Ball Super mode.

Discover Thrilling New Features and Challenges

The Dragon Ball Super mode not only introduces exciting character abilities and unique gameplay mechanics but also offers a plethora of features and challenges. Players can find four levels of armor for enhanced protection, adding an element of strategy to the battles. Seek out and collect the valuable spirit crystals scattered throughout the map to unlock powerful attack upgrades, giving you a competitive edge against opponents.

Moreover, players can take advantage of teleportation portals strategically placed around the map, allowing for swift movement to gain a tactical advantage or escape tricky situations. The presence of blue glowing circles further enhances mobility, granting temporary flight capabilities and opening up new possibilities for exploration and surprise attacks.

With a distinct map layout and an array of thrilling features, the PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball Super Mode promises a captivating experience for both Dragon Ball fans and battle royale enthusiasts. So, gather your friends and dive into this adrenaline-pumping adventure as you unleash the power of your chosen Dragon Ball character. Join the battle, make your mark, and let the legends come to life in this epic collaboration!