PUBG Mobile 5th Anniversary Update Landing on March 15, Krafton Shares Most Popular Weapons, Maps, and More Since the Game Launch


After much teasing by the developers at Krafton, the studio has announced that the much-awaited 5th anniversary update will arrive on March 15.

With the anniversary update, players can expect to see a ton of new content to experience, including an anniversary themed area called Imagiversary. This new area will debut on March 18. Along with the new area, expect to see a ton of surprises from Krafton.

Krafton reveals exciting stats about PUBG Mobile players ahead of 5th anniversary celebrations

Ahead of the 5th anniversary celebrations, the developers at Krafton have shared surprising stats about the various items in the game.

Firstly, it was revealed that the most used item in the game so far has been the Green Parachute Trail, which has been equipped over 780 million times in the last five years. When it comes to maps, Erangel takes the cake with players choosing it around 108.5 billion times.

The M416 was adjudged the most popular firearm with players picking it up 311 trillion times. The gun was used in around 118.6 billion eliminations in the game. With regards to the vehicles, the Buggy was the top choice with 18.3 billion uses.

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