PUBG Mobile A2 Royal Pass is around the corner, Check release date and rewards

PUBG Mobile is now back to its traditional 100-level royale pass where players get more items, skins, and emotes. Check out the release date and rewards of PUBG Mobile A2 Royal Pass

PUBG Mobile, a famous battle royale action game, is set to launch its A2 royal pass of 100 levels very soon. After changing the 100-level royale pass to two 50-level royale passes, PUBG Mobile is now back to its traditional 100-level royale pass. Check out the release date and rewards of PUBG Mobile A2 Royal Pass.

The 50-level Elite Pass is priced at 360 UC, while the Elite Pass Plus costs 960 UC. However, the A2 Royale Pass introduces new options. Gamers can now obtain the complete 100-level elite pass for 720 UC, or opt for the Elite Pass Plus at 1920 UC. Under the revamped A2 100-level Royale Pass system, players have the opportunity to purchase a half Royal Pass for 360 UC. Upon completing the initial 50 levels, they will receive a refund of 360 UC, allowing them to purchase another half pass (levels 50-100) for 360 UC.

According to the leaks, the A2 Royal Pass will be released on 18th July 2023. The theme for this Royale Pass is “Mecha Anarchy,” and it will feature a variety of new rewards, including skins, emotes, and gun finishes.

Some of the most anticipated rewards from the A2 Royal Pass include the following:

  • Neon slayer set and precision artistry dp 28 gun skin.
  • Neon slayer covers set
  • Ultramarine pterosaur skin and mythic crystal piece
  • Serpentine gaze planes finish skin and cute battle emotes in the game
  • Steel morpher helmet and by rinth beast parachute skin
  • Violet eclipse Thompson Smg skin, tangerine Drake emote, and mythic crystal
  • Tangerine Drake set.
  • Upgradable dragon bane remnant machete skin
  • Ember prowler set and brass bovine mg3 and joyful debut emote
  • Pixel kitty backpack skin and cute tank ornament a1 avatar
  • Secret runes stun grenade skin and spectre slayer emote
  • Swift shooter m16A4 and fun astronaut SLR

Gamers can buy the 720 UC Elite Royale Pass for 120 UC using two vouchers they get from a subscription pack of 300 UC, and can also buy the Elite Plus Royale Pass using these UC vouchers. Also, gamers can purchase Royale passes, ranks, or redemption items. Gamers will get 300 UC vouchers every month by purchasing a subscription to PUBG Mobile. With a subscription, gamers will get some amazing benefits, including the ability to claim 100 RP points every month, a 10% discount on redeeming items with RP points, and the ability to use AG currency to redeem points.

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