PUBG Mobile Ban Pan suspended 538,192 accounts for cheating during week 25, Check Full Report

Level Infinite releases the latest anti-cheat report for PUBGM. PUBG Mobile Ban Pan suspended 538,192 accounts for cheating during week 25. Check out the full report here.

The updated version of the PUBG Mobile Ban Pan 2.0 system issued a permanent ban for PUBGM accounts that were cheating in the game. To make people aware of the number of accounts banned, PUBG Mobile has been uploading weekly reports on how many accounts have been banned. Level Infinite permanently suspends 538,192 PUBG Mobile accounts for cheating during week 25. Let’s check out the latest Ban Pan Report.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most played games in the world. With this huge popularity, comes a large segment of players who malpractice and corrupt the integrity of fair gameplay. Players have, time and again complained about the cheaters and hackers in the game. To tackle these hackers, PUBG Mobile’s developers have started using a strong anti-cheat system that detects foul play and bans cheaters instantly.

21% of the cheats were banned because they were using auto-aim to shoot enemies. About 18% were banned from using X-ray vision to see the enemy’s location through the wall. 20% were banned for using speed hacks to outrun their enemies and have an unfair advantage. 19% of the cheaters received a ban for using a modification of area damage– killing others with the help of increased bullet damage. 22% of the hackers were banned for using third-party plugins that enabled them to modify their character.

The Ban Pan system analyzes data from player matches to identify suspicious activity. Players can report suspected cheaters to the Ban Pan system. The Ban Pan system also has a team of human investigators who manually review reports of cheating.

If a player is found to be cheating, they will be banned from PUBG Mobile. The severity of the ban will depend on the type of cheating that was detected. For example, a player who is caught using a wallhack may be banned for a shorter period of time than a player who is caught using an aimbot.

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