PUBG Mobile: Bigetron RA finishes top as day 1 of PMPL Indonesia Fall Finals ends

Bigetron RA grabbed first place after PMPL Indonesia Finals Day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

The Grand Finals of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) 2022 Indonesia Fall started on August 26. It was a close race on day one, with Bigetron RA taking the top spot with 40 kills and 148 points. Having taken two chicken dinners, the side had 61 bonus points coming into the finals.

Meanwhile, prominent side Boom, despite having an average day, is in second place with 73 bonus points. The runners-up in the league stages, Alter Ego, occupied the third spot with 117 points.

Descending down the table, Evos Reborn didn’t have the best of days, only accumulating 16 points and finishing in 10th place. Meanwhile, Genesis Dogma could only muster a 13th-placed finish.

PMPL 2022 Indonesia Fall Finals Day-1 Match Standings

PMPL Fall Finals day 1 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)
PMPL Fall Finals day 1 overall standings (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Dewa United came out on top in the first match of the finals with the help of nine frags. Meanwhile, Bigetron RA did well and secured fourth place with six frags. GPBR was eliminated early but managed to grab seven frags.

Bigetron RA showed why they are called Miramar kings by securing the win in the second match with 11 kills. Meanwhile, HFX secured second place with 10 kills, as Boom came fourth with the same number of eliminations as the former.

The third match saw GPBR Esports going all out and clinching the title with 15 kills. Meanwhile, Morph Esports also played aggressively to secure third place with 14 kills.

League topper Boom Esports dominated the fourth match on Erangel and secured 15 kills. HFX once again missed the chicken dinner but secured 11 kills along with 12 important placement points.

The fifth match, again contested on Erangel, was won by Bigetron RA. The team showed good rotations and also managed to grab 15 kills. Geek Fam posed some resistance and grabbed third place, while Boom was eliminated in the eighth spot which pushed them down to second in the overall standings.

The final match of the day was again won by Dewa United with 10 kills. This victory pushed them into the top 10 in the overall standings. Right below them, NFT played cleverly to secure second place with eight frags.

With 12 matches remaining in the PMPL finals, the bottom sides need to display more consistency. Some popular teams didn’t perform well on the first day and remain in the bottom places.

Top 3 players after PMPL Finals day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)
Top 3 players after PMPL Finals day 1 (Image via PUBG Mobile)

Top 3 eliminators:

  1. Boom Yummy – 13 eliminations
  2. HFX Harvest – 12 eliminations
  3. GPBR Hadez – 12 eliminations

Yummy continued his momentum in the Grand Finals as well, taking 13 eliminations in six matches. Aside from that, Harvest and Hadez picked up 12 kills each.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul


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