PUBG Mobile C5S14: Release Date, Rewards, and Other Information

The new season for PUBG Mobile is soon to be available for fans all over the world. Also known as PUBG Mobile Cycle 5 Season 15 (C5S15), the new update is set to feature new rewards including legendary items. This update is scheduled to come out in the second week of September on both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. 

Read on to find out more about the PUBG Mobile Updates.

PUBG Mobile C5S14: Release Date

PUBG Mobile C5S14 is set to be released across all mobile operating systems in the second week of September. Players all over the world can enjoy this new update starting 13th September 2023. More information is as follows:

PUBG Mobile C5S14: Rewards

There are tons of rewards to be unpacked as players get access to this update. This includes C5S14 Glasses, C5S14 Set, C5S14 Parachute, C5S14 Mask, C5S14 Cover, C5S14 – MG3. Not only this, players can also access the Ace Reward, Ace Master Reward, Platinum Reward, Gold Reward, Season Reward, Diamond Reward. 

PUBG Mobile: 2.8 Updates

Alongside the exciting C5S14 Updates, PUBG is also releasing the 2.8 version of the game. This includes the new Zombie’s Edge mode and new rewards. Other game modes that are part of this update include new Battle events, championships, game modes etc. There are also tons of rewards to be unpacked as players get access to this update and rank up in the game. Crossing different tiers will present a unique set of rewards for players. 

Silver tier

  • Season tokens

  • C5S14 glasses

  • Classic crate coupons

Gold tier

Platinum tier

Diamond tier

Crown tier

  • Season tokens

  • Classic crate coupon scraps

  • C5S14 Crown tier name tag

  • Crown exclusive team up special effect

  • Rating protection card: one time

Ace tier

Ace Master tier

Ace Dominator tier

  • Season tokens

  • C5S14 Ace Dominator title

  • C5S14 Ace Dominator tier name tag

  • Ace Dominator exclusive team up special effect

  • C5S14 Ace Dominator avatar

Conqueror tier

  • Season tokens

  • C5S14 Conqueror avatar frame

  • C5S14 Conqueror tier name tag

  • C5S14 Conqueror title

  • Conqueror exclusive team up special effect