PUBG Mobile Collaborates With Squid Game Actress HoYeon Jung

PUBG Mobile Collaborates With Squid Game Actress HoYeon Jung

PUBG Mobile announced a collaboration with the popular South Korean actress and model HoYeon Jung earlier today to celebrate the launch of the new map NUSA. HoYeon Jung is well-known for her lead role as Kang Sae-byeok in the television series Squid Game, which made her a breakout star of the program and gained her international attention and praise.

Released in September 2021, the show quickly rose to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list. Following which she became the Global House Ambassador of Louis Vuitton for fashion, watches, and jewelry in October last year.

HO YEON to join PUBG Mobile as NUSA Commissioner

HO YEON Jung will join as the NUSA Commissioner in PUBG Mobile, according to the announcement made by them on their social media handles. The collaboration will bring the following legendary items to the game.

  • HO YEON Operation Erangel Set

  • HO YEON Queen of Thorn Ornament

  • HO YEON Deadly Kiss – Kar98k

  • HO YEON Purple Crown Pan

Furthermore, the crate also features a time-limited version of the same items. After opening the crate 30 times, players will get an “extra item.”

Unfortunately, the HO YEON in-game items cannot be obtained for free. To get those items, players will have to open the PUBG Lucky Crate, which costs 50 UC to open once and 450 UC to open ten times. The crate will be available for 30 more days from today, ending on 23rd October 2022.

What is the NUSA map

The new PUBG Mobile map, NUSA, was launched on September 15, 2022. The map, which is by far the smallest in the game, features a small 1 km × 1 km island. There will be a 32-player lobby for each NUSA map match, and it will only last for 10 minutes. The map will be playable in all game modes, including squad, duo, and solo. Being a densely packed map, NUSA will feature a fast-paced environment for the players.

To promote the new map, PUBG Mobile held a contest with a $20,000 prize pool, PUBG Mobile Resort Rumble. The competition began on 18th September and concluded on 22nd September 2022. The event’s finals were hosted by PowerBang and Mortal, two well-known PUBG Mobile content creators.

Medalcore was crowned the champion of the contest. The winning team received $10,000 in prize money. The runner-up and third-place finishers were Farooq Gaming and Dab, respectively. Dab got $2,000 in cash, while Farooq Gaming took home a cash award of $4,000.

PUBG Mobile is well-known for collaborating with popular names over the years. In the past, PUBG Mobile has collaborated with popular names such as music stars Alan Walker and BLACKPINK as well as major IPs like Jujutsu Kaisen, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Godzilla vs. Kong, and more.


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