PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball Super gameplay modes are available till September 4th!

The 2.7 update of PUBG Mobile is currently live in the game. The update brings PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball Super Modes, available for a limited time period.

The new standalone Dragon Ball Super collaboration modes bring an anime-style map! Role-play as Dragon Ball characters and battle it out on an all-new map with powerful moves and skills. The mode and map will be available till 4th September 2023. Read on to learn more about the modes.

PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball Super Modes: Select popular characters

Every character has a standard attack and charged attack. They each also have a special skill. Standard attacks are general-purpose attacks that can be spammed. Charged attacks are more powerful, but require charging before use, and can only unleash their full potential in specific situations. Special skills affect the character’s fighting style. Using their abilities at the right time can help you turn the tide of battle.

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive Kidan that deal explosive damage in a small area on impact. Reliable and stable.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire a Ki Blast that continuously damages enemies. A versatile attack is suitable in many situations.

Special Skill: Dash in the direction of the joystick. Can be stockpiled 3 times and used consecutively.

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive Kidan. Suitable at mid to close range. Takes good shooting predictions.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire multiple Kidan that deals small area damage to the target.

Special Skill: Gain Energy when hitting enemies. Once fully charged, can release all the gathered energy to deal significant damage in the target direction.

Standard Attack: Rapidly fire consecutive Kidan. Can switch between aim modes. Similar to shooting a firearm.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire a Kidan that instantly deals damage to nearby targets. Takes good close-range shooting.

Special Skill: Generate a spherical barrier that can block incoming projectiles. It has 500 Health and disappears when the duration ends or runs out of Health.

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive Energy Waves that deal more damage the more they hit. Have a limited range and takes good aim.

Charged Attack: Charge up to fire a single powerful Energy Wave. Zoom in to instantly hit far-away enemies. Takes good sniping skills.

Special Skill: Disappear and charge in the direction of the crosshair, including toward the sky.

Standard Attack: Fire consecutive large Kidan that are easy to hit with, but need to close the distance as much as possible.

Charged Attack: Charge up to throw a large Kidan that causes explosive area damage. Takes good positioning and timing.

Special Skill: Select a location and leap into the air before smashing down on it after a short delay. Enemies that are struck are sent flying and take damage.

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